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An UpBeat Yoga Class Mixing R 'n' B, Dance, Trance, Pop and Soul To Give You The Most Complete Yoga Class #BeDifferent

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Reb3l Yoga Classes in Liverpool

Are you someone who wants to experience all the benefits of a yoga class but without the 'ommmm'?

Are you someone who likes something a little more funky and upbeat, rather than your traditional yoga class?

The Reb3l Yoga at Gym Reb3l may be for you

Reb3l Yoga has all the benefits of a traditional yoga class and incorporates all the yoga moves but instead... we mix our own style of music to give you an upbeat yoga class in Liverpool and St Helens at Gym Reb3l

Gym Reb3l mixes; R 'n' B, Dance, Trance, Pop and soul music to give you an incredible yoga experience

Our Reb3l Yoga teacher will take all levels through the traditional yoga poses and adjust the positions based on your current level of ability, so all levels of ability are welcome

Reb3l Yoga: Non Hot Yoga Class in Liverpool

Reb3l Yoga is about 3 things

1: Make you happy

2: Make you feel amazing

3: Have an incredible time

We ditch all 'hype' surrounding certain types of yoga and deliver a yoga class that is designed for results

Our Reb3l Yoga classes are non hot yoga classes, not that we are too tight to pay the additional electric costs... we just don't want to give you something that has no additional benefit

There are no studies or proven benefits to doing a yoga class in a hot room and until evidence can be shown for it to be beneficial then Reb3l Yoga will continue to follow science and yoga classes that produce results for its clients

Time To Invest Time In You

It Takes Discipline To Look After YOU... And Courage To Put Yourself First

Beginners Yoga Classes in Liverpool


While Gym Reb3l offers additional classes on our timetable and we are not a dedicated yoga studio we do hire Liverpool best yoga teachers to cover our all level Reb3l Yoga classes for our members

Yoga should be an essential part of your working out routine

Not just because of the benefits to moving freely (something yoga enhances) but because of the relaxation and stress protocols it follows

And while Gym Reb3l is not the hub or planet for yoga

We do have a highly qualified and experienced yoga team in Liverpool at Gym Reb3l who will help all levels of our clients to reap the benefits of our Reb3l Yoga classes

Reb3l Yoga Passes in Liverpool

We know how trailing a new class can be daunting and you want to make sure that when you join a yoga class, that you are joining the right yoga class for you

Please ensure you check out all our reviews on Facebook, Google and other trusted review sites

And also please feel free to come down and talk to any of our yoga instructors to see exactly how the class works

You have nothing to worry about interims of your current level of ability as all of our yoga classes are designed for mixed ability

When you join Gym Reb3l you get the chance to join our unlimited class pass trial

That gives you 100% access to all our fitness classes at Gym Reb3l

Join today and take the first step in the journey to looking after you

Time To Invest Time In You

It Takes Discipline To Look After YOU... And Courage To Put Yourself First


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