Reb3l Strength: Ditch Skinny and Create Shape

Gone Are The Days of Skinny... Now Women Demand Shape!

Squats, Deadlifts, Cleans, Pull-Ups, Dips... just some of the exercises used in this strength based class

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The Exercises

Reb3l Strength focus on olympic lifts and other compound movements

This are the lifts that recruit the most muscle meaning greater results in strength and muscular tone

Strength training has an amazing affect on changing your body shape fast so skinny becomes SHAPE

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The Workout

Reb3l Strength is a periodised workout meaning that every program from your first session is planned

The repetitions, sets, exercise choices and rest periods are selected based around the phase of training you are on

And you will all be working to your own level of ability and exercise choices for the best results

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Personalised Plans

Before you join Reb3l Strength you will be assessed by one of our coaches

This will determine your starting point for all of the major movements involved in the program

If you haven't got the mobility or strength to squat (for example) then you will start at a different point

The programs are personalised to you


No matter how many fancy gimmicks and machines laden the shiny new gym floors

There are some pieces of equipment that sit just patiently in the corner

Knowing that when the 'Gym Goer' finds out the truth they will swamp to them with open arms knowing the incredible results they will get

See, over time people using gyms have been battered with miss-information and empty promises

While all along, the people 'In The Know' have continued to use these pieces of equipment and out lifted and out performed everyone in terms of results and body shape changes

The Racks

The Barbells

The Dumbbels

The Lifting Platforms

And good old fashioned chalk 

Are still the go to choice of every person who wants to train and make SERIOUS changes to their body shape

Reb3l Strength Defies Skinny

Gone are the days of skinny

Now women are demanding that the clothes don't just 'zip up'

But they when they wear them every curve and shape that they have developed through lifting heavy and getting amazing results are they in the clothes

The demands of 'just getting in to' a certain dress size are gone

Women now demand to fit with SHAPE

And there is nothing that get better results for changing your body shape than;

Lifting Heavy

Lifting Compound Movements

Reb3l Strength is the ULTIMATE strength training program that sets out a specific workout designed just for YOU

Now is your chance to make a difference and find a weights based program that not only makes significant changes to your body shape but also accelerates your fitness levels and confidence

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