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Why You Shouldn't Count Calories

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

why you shouldn't count calories

Before I write this piece I know people are going to read it and and shout 'But I have Lost

Weight Calorie Counting'

Which is amazing

But just like ALL diets, it does not mean it would work for other people

Just think of the amount of diets you have had to 'try' in order to find the right one for you

And in my 20+ years of experience in the gym and coaching clients

I have personally found that the best results, with long term and sustainable results comes from not calorie counting and learning habits

I speak about habits in other posts, so please ready if you haven't

Calorie Counting Isn't Sustainable (for most)

The problem with calorie counting is it isn't a long term fix

People may argue that 'I am just doing it to lose a bit of weight'

Which isn't the right reason

If you calorie count

Lose weight

Then have to go back to calorie counting to lose the weight gained

It simply hasn't worked for you

Because if it had... you wouldn't have to go back to it

So, it is not realistic for people to set out on this task if they do not intent to stick to calorie counting for 365 days a year

It Won't Fit With Most People's Lifestyle

  • Scanning

  • Weighing

  • Looking at Menu's for Calories

This is all part of calorie counting

And for most people

This pressure and mental awareness that you have to track everything can play havoc with their day to day

Everything you eat and drink is counted

And this can have a huge impact on mental health

As well as simply... be a headache

Why would you want to do something that adds more stress and isn't sustainable

Not All Calories Are Equal

You may have heard this over and over

And it simple means that calorie counting overlooks nutritional value

400 calories of burger and chips

Will give you a different nutritional breakdown that 400 calories of salmon and chips

This is my personal flaw and pet hate with it

Your focus, no matter what you goals is, has to be to improve your health

You want to feel healthy

Move better

Sleep better

Just because you calorie count it does not mean this will happen

Focus on the quality of the food every time

Finally: It Can Lead To Eating Disorders

If your focus is on tracking everything then this can have a huge impact on your mental health

You start looking at foods based on calorie content

You start stressing about having to scan and weigh everything

And simple things like going to friends or having a meal with your partner can turn in to stressful situations because you have no way of knowing what content is in their food

And so social situations around food often then become avoided

Your friends and partners don't want the stress

And you don't want to do it because 'They Don't Get It'

If you were training for a short term goal such as a show... then they would understand

But when it becomes an obsession then it creates problems for you

We Can Help

At Gym Reb3l we NEVER recommend calorie counting to people starting our plans

Find out how to create the habits you need for long lasting results

And join our next body transformation program


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