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Why Creating Habits Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

habits is the best way to lose weight

Your weight loss journey and it's long term success is dictated to the habits you create

Read that again...

Your weight loss journey and it's long term success is dictated to the habits you create

With so much focus based on just calorie counting people are losing track of what really makes a weight loss plan successful

And instead, focus in on weighing their cornflakes and ensuring their daily chocolate bar fits in to their calories...

Which is a shame

As your whole focus should be around what makes a weight loss program successful

Think about it and answer this question

What Would You Have To Be Doing Each Day To Get The Body Shape You Want?

Once you can identify this then you will know exactly what you need to focus on

What type of foods will you eat?

How active will you be?

What will your week days look like?

What will your weekends look like?

What contingency plans do you have in place if the day doesn't got to plan?

How will you handle if you have a bad meal/day/week?

You need to spend time thinking about what your 'ideal' version of yourself is and then put the answers to the questions above

If you were to just spend your time counting calories and weighing/scanning and measuring your foods

Unless this is how you want to live your life moving forward

Then it is a waste of time

The answer of 'Just do it so you can see portions' is not a good argument

As this then makes you questions yourself and wonder if what you have chosen would match up to if you had scanned the foods


Learning to manage intake by consuming foods that have a positive affect on your health and physique is the best way to go

Why You Need 'Habit Based Coaching' For Weight Loss

A good coach

No matter what you are learning

Will now only give you the knowledge and path to follow

They will help you build the necessary habits to make that task a success

Whether it is a coach teaching you to invest or a personal trainer teaching you to lose weight

They all teach you habits

Right through from how you react to how you must act each day

Understanding what is important to get the results you want is essential

Most people fail at losing weight because they are not focused on habits

And yes...

If you say to yourself... I Am Going Back To 'X' Diet... then that diet hasn't worked for you also

Because if it had... you wouldn't have to go back to it

Ask Your Personal Trainer This Question When Joining A Program

What habits will you teach me to make this a success?

From your consultation they should be able to identify what habits you need to work on and

instal to get the results you want

If they say 'just to eat right' or 'train right' then run.... run as far as you can with your money

They should be able to give you a detailed breakdown of what is necessary


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