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Summer Weight Loss Program

summer weight loss challenge

With the holiday season well under way and people ready to take on their next summer weight loss program

People are going to be looking at ways of losing a few pounds to make them feel better and more comfortable on their holiday

But this season also brings out the 'worse' in people when it comes to losing weight

Smart, intelligent people make silly decisions through desperation and determination to losing weight

Severe Calorie Restrictions

Soup Diets

'Cleanse' Aloe Vera Diets



People will literally try anything to lose weight fast, and this is usually because they have left it too late

How To Lose Weight

You lose weight by simply increasing your daily activity levels and reducing your daily calorie intake

And while losing weight is a very simple formula

The actual concept and required effort, and consistency is tough

Most people's week looks like this

Monday - Amazing

Tuesday - Amazing

Wednesday - Good

Thursday - A Few Treats

Friday - Give Up

Saturday - Fully Binge Mode

Sunday - Feeling Motivated To Start Monday


Having the commitment to stay dedicated is tough

What You Need To Do To Lose Weight

The first thing you need to do is to understand the daily habits you need to have to get the body shape that you want

This means identifying your;





Once you have these you can then start to track which ones you are able to complete each day to get closer to your goal(s)

This is why people join our 6 week body transformation challenge

They get the chance to work with one of our personal trainers and build the coaching program and habits they need to get the results that they want

Why Consistency Is Key To Weight Loss

When you see before and after photos (even our own transformations at Gym Reb3l) you do not see the struggles, mistakes and sometimes, anger involved in those results

You only see their transformations

Changing your body isn't straight forward and along the way you are going to struggle

You are going to make mistakes

You are going to eat/drink things that take you out of your daily amount

You will probably miss training sessions too

But there are two things you must never do

Stay As Consistent As Possible To Lose Weight

Let's say that you ate something or went our and drank too much for the results that you want

What you must then do is make sure that the next meal is back on track

Do not use it as an excuse to binge or deviate away

As mentioned above you will always make mistakes, but the key is to get back on track and stay as consistent as possible

If you miss a workout because you got up late or couldn't be bothered training

Then make sure the next time you go

Or in some cases go for a walk or run instead

Gym Reb3l 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

At Gym Reb3l you have the opportunity to work with our personal trainers through our renowned 6 week body transformation challenge

This challenge has helped 1000's of women to lose weight and change their body shape

Our personal trainers work with you and build a sustainable fitness and lifestyle plan to get you the results that you want

To find out more or to join the plan

Simply click the button below and you can Whats APP Gym Reb3l direct

One of our personal trainers will answer your enquiry


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