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Personal Trainer Jobs Liverpool

personal trainer jobs liverpool


Are you a newly qualified or experienced personal trainer looking for personal trainer jobs Liverpool?


At Gym Reb3l we have an incredible private gym facility for personal trainers who are looking to build an amazing business


At our dedicated personal training gyms in Liverpool, we offer personal trainers the opportunity to use our facilities to build out the dream personal training business


What We Offer:


Dedicated Private Personal Training Gym That Is Fully Equipped

Separate Fitness Studio Area for Small Group PT and Classes

Consultation Rooms

Changing Facilities

24/7 Access



At Gym Reb3l we offer personal trainers in Liverpool the facilities to help build their personal training business


You can choose either


Full Time Rent: Rent the personal training studios and facilities full time giving you 24/7 access to build your personal training business


Part Time Rent: For personal trainers who want to build their business as a part time model, or give themselves more time to build their business before committing to a full-time business we offer those the chance to rent our area for a part time throughout the week


Fitness Studio Hire: You can hire our fitness studio for classes or small group personal training studios and have complete access to the equipment within this area


Business Support


We offer full business support as part of your agreement with Gym Reb3l and will help you to structure your business for clients to help increase sign ups and retention


We will also help you craft marketing campaigns and talk you through social media and how to run compelling ads that convert clients



Now is your chance to take the step and build your personal training business with the support and guidance of Gym Reb3l


Simply click below to send a What’s APP message and we can book a call, invite you down to the studio for a tour and talk you through how we can help you build your personal training business


And why build a personal training business in a private gym environment gives a higher level of professionalism to your personal training business and clients



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