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Lose Weight For Holiday

Lose Weight For Holiday

When it comes to losing weight for your holidays so many people make crucial mistakes that leaves them feeling


Lacking Energy

And deflated that their 'weight loss' they thought they had achieved for their holiday was not worth it

See, most people when it comes to losing weight for holidays will look for quick fixes, shakes, pills and extreme dieting

So, when they do head away for their holiday, one day or even one meal in and they instantly feel bloated

You see this too for people wanting to lose weight for nights out or occasions

Their desperation to feel good makes them try diet plans that are not good and sustainable for the results they want

How To Lose Weight For Holidays

The trick to losing weight for your holiday is to plan

Decide the amount of weight you need to lose and then work on a plan for how many weeks you need to allow for to lose this weight

For most people, a weight loss of around 1.5-2lbs a week is a sustainable drop, but this obviously changes dependant on the total amount of weight you need to lose

When it comes to losing weight most people will look for a way to lose weight as quickly as possible

And while this may be sustainable for a week or two, the restrictive nature isn't good for your physical and mental health

And it is this type of aggressive weight loss approach that leads you to feeling rubbish on your holiday and potential bloating within the first few days

Lift Weights And Eat A High Protein Diet

To change your body shape (and not just lose weight) you have to be following a strength based program

Not a fitness class, les Mills body pump or high rep circuits

Strength Training...

Strength training is the number 1 way to change your body shape

You will build muscle, increase your metabolism and for women, decrease the risk of fractures through the menopausal (and after) years

Pushing weights 3x a week split in to 3 different workouts, based around the body shape you want is essential to your goals

At Gym Reb3l, our 6 week body transformation program gives clients 3 strength based workouts that is built just for them

No generic programs or jumping around in classes

Using our own customised fitness app we program all our clients individually so it does not matter what their exercise history is or if they have any injuries etc

This is one of the reason why our personal training clients get such amazing result.s... they are treated as individuals

High Protein Diet

A high protein diet is not only essential for muscle repair (and tone) it also helps to fill you up for longer, and can also increase your daily calorific burn each day

The time and energy it takes to digest protein over other sources is greater and it is this reason why you tend to eat less on a high protein diet

Around 35-40% of your daily intake should come from protein sources

Some people may choose to go as high as 50-55% in protein and neglect fat and carbohydrate sources

We would never recommend this

Get A Weight Loss Program Built For You

At Gym Reb3l all our clients are treated as individuals which means they are programmed individually

When you join our 6 week body transformation challenge we will initially take you through an assessment before giving you a workout plan to follow

Our personal trainers will then work with you through the 6 week challenge and ensure your program progresses as you do and you get the results you wanted

Alongside this, our food plans are not generic either

We coach you through habit based diet coaching

This means we help you to install the habits you want to get the weight loss and body shape results you want

No Calorie Counting

No 'Branded' or Generic Diets

No Pills

No Shakes

Just individual, habit based coaching take gets you amazing weight loss results like this (click)

You can join or find out more information on our 6 week body transformation challenge by clicking the button below

This will take you direct to Whats APP and you can ask any questions or arrange a call with one of our personal trainers

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