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How To Stay Consistent On A Diet

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

how to stay consistent on a diet

The Simple Steps On How To Stay Consistent On A Diet

Consistency is key to any result you want to achieve

The steps we take every single day determine our outcome and so when it comes to losing weight and keep the weight off, it is important that we stay consistent and learn the habits needed to get the results we want

In order to understand how you can stay consistent, you have to first understand what type of 'dieter' or 'exerciser' you are when it comes to your plan

Type 1:

This is your most common and one that will unfortunately be yo-yo dieting for years... until they change their way of thinking

A typical week goes like this;

Monday - Amazing

Tuesday - Amazing

Wednesday - A couple of things off track (treat, drinks, skipping exercise)

Thursday - Finished... breakfast usually ok but the rest is no where near what they want

Friday - Start again Monday

Saturday - "Who cares... blow out - I am starting Monday"

Sunday - "No way... this is it... I am starting Monday"

And unfortunately they usually repeat

That is type 1

Type 2:

These are slightly different

For 4-5 weeks they are amazing

They do everything they set out to do and then for some reason they get complacent

The scales have dropped and they are really starting to feel good about themselves

And because of this

They sneak in things where it was not planned

A mid week drink...

A few extra treats that were not accounted for

A skipped workout

And before you know it

The next 2-3 weeks is a huge undoing of the hard work they put in to the previous 4-5 weeks

And then we have the final one

Type 3:

Type 3 tends to be the inspiration for a lot of people

But they also tend to be the person who receives the most 'well its easy for you' comments

These are the people who just 'get it'

They decide that Monday is the day

And away they go

New habits

New gym routine

New lifestyle

Long lasting changes

The ones we love to hate

But the ones who get the results and keep it off

How You Can Be Like Type 3

As someone who has coaches 1000's of women both on offline over the past 20 years

What we never really see about 'Type 3' is that they too have struggles

But what type 3 does which type 1 and 2 do not

Is type 3 makes contingency plans and also recognises the triggers

So, for that split second of satisfaction they learn to ignore it and do something that they

KNOW will make them feel good

An examples is; Instead of reaching for a 'small glass of wine' they will reach for water too

Yes they might crave the wine

But once they have drank the water and got in to bed, the craving will not be there

And in one step they are working on creating their habits of not drinking through the week

You have to put temporary 'satisfaction' aside and look at the bigger picture

The Power of Consistency

Let's say you want to save £30

If, everyday for 30-days you put £1 away you would have £30 :)

But... if you skipped 12 days you would only have £18

Meaning it would take you slightly longer

But let us say that in the following month you only saved 10 days

That would mean you would have an extra £10 to go with your £18 (£28 in total - I am a wizz at maths...)

And for the following month you managed to save the £2 in the first 2 days

That initial goal of saving £30 took you 3 months instead of £1


And this is the huge part

You didn't give up

You messed up

You skipped days of saving

But eventually you got to your goal

Losing weight and staying consistent is exactly the same

It is not always as easy as 'just losing weight'

The things you have to do each day (like save £1) is part of the journey

And when you get in to the habit of doing that

The whole process becomes easier

Consistency Means To Never Give Up

Part of the journey of creating habits (consistency) is to never give up

No matter what mistakes you make

Just make sure the next meal/drink is the right choice for your results

Identifying the habits you currently have that are stopping you from getting the body and weight loss results you want is step 1

Simply list what you are currently doing that you know isn't helping

If this is something you enjoy (like a drink)

Then look at ways you can add this in to your week to your benefit and not something that

stops you getting the results you want

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