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How To Find The Best Personal Trainer in Liverpool For You

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

personal trainer in Liverpool

Is working with a personal trainer one of the fastest ways to achieve your results?

The obvious answer is 'It Depends Who That Personal Trainer Is'

At Gym Reb3l we want to help you make sure you pick the best personal trainer for you and so have come up with a quick guide on how to pick the right personal trainer

Quick note: Yes, at Gym Reb3l we do offer 1-2-1 personal training alongside our 4 signature fitness classes

But this guide is for those of you who are unable to train at Gym Reb3l and are looking for a personal trainer near you

Because we know if you lived near to Gym Reb3l you would be working with us

In this article we give you the information you need so when you are ready to work with a personal trainer in Liverpool you have all the information you need to make the best choice for you and your results

The Questions You MUST Ask Yourself When Looking To Work With A Personal Trainer Near You

Does The Personal Trainer Have A Proven Track Record?

In an industry where you can qualify to be a personal trainer in just 6-weeks, serious question shave to be asked about the personal trainer you may want to work with

This isn't to question their integrity in why they are doing this, but to ask the question on what evidence they have of getting people in shape

If they are new, then you may want to ask about their experience with themselves in getting you the results you want, or with any friends or family they may have helped

If they have been a personal trainer for a minimum of 6 months then they should be able to give you examples (including before and after photos) of;

  • Client Results

  • Client Programs

  • Client Development

  • Client Sustainability

The last point, sustainability is one of the most important

You do not want to go to a personal trainer who can show you how to lose weight quickly (for example) but not teach you the right habits on how to sustain the weight loss

If it is a 'eat this, eat that' nutritional program then run away...

Is It Just A Personal Trainer and Nutrition Program, or Do You Get Everything You SHOULD

Working with a personal trainer is a lot more than just workouts and nutritional programs

If your consultation goes like this...

  • Complete par q and other forms

  • Given total calories

  • Booked next workout

Then walk away

Personal training is so much more than this and it is the main reason why so many people fail to get the results they want when working with a trainer

  • Client Habits

  • Client Experience

  • Client Goals

  • Program Development

  • Accountability

  • Support

  • Program Adaption (food, workout and lifestyle)

These are just some of the components you should experience when working with a personal trainer

For some people unfortunately the experience is not this

The personal trainer will simply give them a meal plan to follow or set 'calories' for them to try and hit each day

It doesn't work like this and can end up doing more harm for you, the client

How Is Your Nutritional Program Worked Out By Your Personal Trainer?

There are 4 types of clients personal trainers generally work with and each client has their own experiences when it comes to their nutrition

As a personal trainer it is our jobs to make sure that we understand this and then start you off with the right guidelines based on your experience and habits

Too many changes to your current routine (for some) can lead to little results being reached because the changes are not sustainable

Or, they are sustained for a few weeks, and then old habits creep back in

There is no once size fits all when it comes to coaching a client through a new nutritional plan and it is your personal trainers job to identify where you are RIGHT NOW and put the right steps in place to make this sustainable to you

Can They Help Me Achieve My Health and Fitness Goals?

Think of a personal trainer the same way you would think of a tradesman

Would you hire a plumber to come in and fit your electrics?

Of course not

So when looking for a personal trainer

Find one who specialises in what it is you want to achieve

If all they do is get clients to that particular results then their

  • Education

  • Experience

  • Expertise

Is all focused on improving that area directly and so that (along with their coaching) is what you need

On the subject of coaching

Having the knowledge to inform and coaching someone to their results is two different things

We see so many personal trainers in amazing shape who simply do not know how to put across their knowledge so clients can understand and be coached


When we created Gym Reb3l and our 2 signature fitness classes we wanted to encompass the main elements of personal training and make them product more widely available

The truth is you do not have to work with a personal trainer to get the results you want

Some people prefer that 1-2-1 approach and the individual care they get in terms of specific injuries, detailed goals or confidence in working with a group compared to on a 1-2-1 level

At Gym Reb3l we have packaged everything you would get with working with a personal trainer in our weight loss specific programs

Not only do you get access to our fitness workouts you will also get complete access to our personal trainers each week

The First Step To Your Weight Loss Results


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