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Health Over Weight Loss

Updated: Jan 15

health over weight loss

Working out in your 20's usually has a different goal in mind than those who workout in their 40's

Most people's focus is to lose weight and as a result, to change their body shape

And with this goal comes a lot of failure for a lot of people

The sole focus on weight loss is detrimental

If you have a week where the scales do not move, or you gain (which is possible through time of the month) then this can cause people to lose their motivation and stop with their goal

Why HEALTH Over Weight Loss

Weight loss gives an end goal, 'I want to lose 2 stone'....

It is a full stop and gives a destination to your fitness journey

It also dictates how you feel as well

If you use the scales and do not lose weight or gain weight, then most people will write that week down as a failure

When in truth

Better Eating Habits

Regular Training

Improved Energy

Greater Concentration

If you factored in the whole week and it's achievements then the week as a whole is a positive, but the focus is weight loss... so you write of the other achievements

If you turned the focus on weight loss to HEALTH

Then you will always see benefits

The way of training and reasons for training improves as your focus moves to everything you are doing as a whole

It also keeps you motivated long term because of your focus on always doing things to improve your health

And this is why health should be your priority over weight loss

You Have Two Lives And The Second One Starts When You Realise You Only Have One

This is such a powerful saying and so true

Unfortunately people usually focus on HEALTH when theirs is in decline

Until this happens most people do not think about their health

Your health must always be your priority

And this is both Physical and Mental health

You cannot have good physical health without good mental health and you cannot have good mental health without good physical health

How To Focus On Health and Not Weight Loss

Losing weight is a product of improving your health - they go hand in hand

If you focus on the daily improvements and habits you need to make, rather than focus on the scales you will be much more productive and appreciate of the results you have achieved

But first you must define what 'Health' means to you;

Is it focused around blood test results? (Hormones, cholesterol....)

Improved Sleep

More Energy

More Mobile

Cardiovascular Health

Increased Activity

Better Eating Habits

Staying Hydrated (water)

These are all elements that determine health and this is something that you need to sit down and think on what you would want to improve

And if your focus switches to this then I can promise you it makes the whole weight loss journey a lot easier

You may plateaux on the scales occasionally, or even gain in some instances (time of the month)

But the day to day improvements you are making and keeping a log of this will help you to stay motivated and embrace your new healthy lifestyle

Gym Reb3l 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge

At Gym Reb3l, while we understand the importance of losing weight and changing your body shape... we know that these results are only sustainable when you switch your mindset to a healthy lifestyle

This is why so many people lose weight and then put it back on again - the diet they followed is only focused on scales and not on their overall health

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