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Gym Speke: Body Transformation Challenge

Gym Speke Ultimate Transformation Challenge

Discover the 6 week body transformation program at Gym Reb3l that is helping 1000's of women lose weight, change their body shape and get control of their health and fitness

Our private gym Speke, offers exclusive personal training in Liverpool that helps women get amazing results

Everything is personal to you and it is the number 1 reason why we are the most successful body transformation program for women, in Liverpool

The Body Transformation Program Designed By Uk Personal Trainer of the Year, Matt Ibbs

This program has been put together with over 20 years of training experience and nutritional coaching

Every element needed to make this a personalised plan (no generic calorie counting here) and workouts based on your goals has been built on experience of training women to lose weight and change their body shape

Your initial session as part of our 6 week transformation program is an assessment, and it is from this initial assessment that we are able to put together a detailed workout program that is built just for you

This is a proven method of results for women who want to change their body shape and lose weight

Please look at our testimonials and reviews across our website and social media platforms

What Our Personal Training Programs Are Different

At Gym Reb3l we have dedicated private training areas for our clients and do not need to worry about space issues that you may have in a commercial gym

Our private gym speke has a dedicated warm up and cool down area

A private personal training studio area

And a dedicated fitness class studio area

With this space being only for our personal training clients you are training in a friendly, committed atmosphere and surrounded by like minded people, all working with a personal trainer and all wanting to achieve their own, personal results

There is no worrying about if equipment will be available and our personal trainers are able to write your programs (all programs can be viewed in our app) knowing you are able to complete every exercise and set

Exclusive Fitness Classes Tailored for You

Our 2 main group sessions are boxing and strength training

The strength training workouts are personal to you and logged within our coaching app

The boxing workouts are 2x per week in our fitness studio

Boxing is a mixture of bag work, body weight and HIIT based work to help increase your fitness and burn as many calories as possible

It does not matter what your current fitness levels are as all the sessions a timed based

Whether you can do 60 press ups in 60 seconds or 6, it really doesn't matter as you work to your own pace

Customised Workouts for Every Gym Speke

A huge fear people have when they first join the gym is 'Am I Going To Be Fit Enough'

The fear of thinking they will be one of or the 'worst' in the class is usually what stops people starting their journey

At Gym Reb3l is is different because you program is written just for you and not one of our members follows the same plan

Our personalised approach to your goals is what sets us apart from other gyms in Liverpool and is what gets our clients their results

Every workout you do is tracked within our app, as is your transformation photos and stats

You will also get access to our habit caching program (the key to your success)as well as over 300+ video based recipes to make the food plans more interesting and easy to follow

Personalised Nutrition Plans to Fuel Your Success

Building a sustainable diet plan is about you following a program that factors in;

Work Schedule


Social Commitments


Everything must align with this for it to be sustainable and this is why at Gym Reb3l we follow a process called 'Habit Based Coaching'

Some people fail long term at losing weight because they do not build sustainable habits

And so while they may lose weight initially, long term they tend to fail to keep this up, and this is where we are different

We do not ask you to count calories, nor do we ask you to take any pills or shake

We build sustainable, daily habits that you can work on and develop to get the body shape you want

Simple habits such as drinking the minimum of 3 litres of water per day is a good example of a habit that is crucial to weight loss and changing your body shape

This approach is what has made us so successful and one that will continue to get our clients amazing, long term results

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