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Don't Count Calories To Lose Weight, Do This Instead

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

don't count calories to lose weight

Losing weight is not just about tracking calories and working out

With 64.3% of the U.K population obese it is very clear that this mainstream message isn't


Personal trainers dishing out 'calories' and 'macros' like they are gospel when it comes to losing weight are missing the point

Yes, quantity (calories) is important

But it should never be the focus of the individual who want to lose weight

If weight loss was as simple as tracking calories then so many more people trying to lose weight would succeed

Only 2 in 10 people manage to lose weight long term and keep it off after 1 year

And in the U.K studies suggest that around 2/3 of the population is following a diet

My maths isn't great

But you can work out the total number of people who fail and succeed in dieting

For every 100,000 people.... 80,000 people fail

So, if calorie counting and working out isn't the best

What is

The rule of dieting is simple

Focus - On - Health

If you focus on getting healthy you can't fail

  • 3 litres of water per day

  • 5-7 portions of green veg

  • 2-3 pieces of fruit

  • Working out raising your heart rate for 30-45 minutes

  • 12-15k steps per day

  • 6-8 hours sleep per day

Such basic ingredients to follow

But for most people this isn't possible

And it is because they focus on the opposite

You have seen the adverts from personal trainers and weight loss programs

Eat - What - You - Want - And - Lose - Weight

This is the problem with the industry

Personal trainers and weight loss programs are playing on to the fact that if you just stick

with your calories then you will lose weight

Which is true

But losing weight and...

Losing weight and improving your overall health

Are 2 different things

Yes a reduction in weight will help with some health issues

But if you are ignoring the real 'Killer' when it comes to health then you are only setting yourself up to fail

The real killer?


This is what you need to watch and monitor

If you are eating foods with low NATURAL sugar content and no added sugars (or some sweeteners) then you will be on the right track

See, weight loss is 100% about improving health

And if you focus on this you won't fail

If you want to see why our clients get such amazing results

This is the reason

We focus on HEALTH and we focus on HABITS

It is why we get it right

And why our programs is the most sought after weight loss program in Liverpool

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