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Do Not Count Calories For Weight Loss

count calories for weight loss

At Gym Reb3l we hammer home the importance of our clients not counting calories and instead turn their focus to things that are far more important

The key to weight loss is insulin control, and while that is a huge topic within itself

I want to use this article to help you understand why counting calories is not the best way to lose weight

Before we do that however, I need to clear up one thing

Yes... eating in a calorie deficit helps you to lose weight

And this is why you see personal trainers and coaches telling you that 'all you need to do is count calories'

This problem with this however is that your long term weight loss success is based on habits

And unless you want to create a habit where you are reliant on counting calories this is one reason why you should not start it

The second, and most important reason is that calories do not take in to account the quality of a calorie

200g of chicken will give you a different nutrient make up than 200g of steak

And while the beauty of calorie counting is that it can 'allow you to eat what you want and lose weight'

The quality of what you are eating should be the most important choice

And this is why you should not count calories for weight loss

Over 62% of the daily food intake for individuals in the UK (on average) is processed foods

Foods that are laden with chemicals that affects our hormones and fat stores

80% of your daily intake of food should come from single ingredient foods

This still leaves 20% for your chocolate etc and doesn't stop you eating other foods outside of the single ingredient category that you might enjoy

If your goal is to just lose weight then counting calories is ok

And while you are going to improve your health from weight loss, you are still open to health risks

Latest studies have shown that weight is now no longer the 'sign' of heart and cardiovascular disease

Processed foods are causing this and while they are less dense in calories, they contain chemicals that is wrecking havoc with our bodies

Let Us Help You With Your Very Own Personal Trainer

At Gym Reb3l we have a 6 week challenge that all new members start their journey on

This gives you the chance to work with a personal trainer liverpool for 6 weeks and get a personalised workout and nutritional plan that is built just for you

The programs you follow are built within our coaching app and are based around your goals, exercise history and experience

It doesn't matter whether this is the first or 100th time you have stepped in to a gym because the programs are personal to you

To find out more and to work with a personal trainer at Gym Reb3l click below

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