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Christmas And Weight Loss Plans

Christmas and Weight Loss Plans

With ‘silly’ season well under way when it comes to weight loss plans

In this post we look at the Christmas and weight loss plans that are promoted around this time of year

More and more personal trainers and gym owners are going to be peddling to the public their ‘amazing’ weight loss plan that will get you in to shape for Christmas

All you must do;

Count Calories

Follow Their Plan

Check In Each Week

So… if you fancy weighing all your food

Scanning everything you eat and drink

Then go for it

But I can tell you now, there is an easier way

Where you do not have to count calories

Where you can eat the food you love, make incredible recipes for you and your family

And not have to worry about any of the headaches that comes with counting calories to lose weight

This process helps to change your body shape and helps to teach you the habits you need to get the weight loss and body shape results that you want

At Gym Reb3l our 6-Week Body Transformation Program has helped 1000’s of women achieves the body shapes they want without counting calories

Working with a personal trainer in one of our personal training studios or through our online coaching programs

You are coached through a detailed workout program that is built specifically for you

Alongside this, you are also coached through a food program that helps you to establish the habits you need around food to get the results you want

These weekly calls are essential to your results and will keep you on track each week

We set weekly targets and habits for you to work on to build them in to your day-to-day life so that they stick

Alongside this you will also get access to;

Accountability Program


300+ Recipes (videos)

Support Packages

This weight loss plan is 100% built around you and this is the reason why so many women have lost weight and changed their body shape

It follows a proven process to get you the results you want

And you can join our 6-week body transformation program by clicking the button below

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