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7 Steps of Weight Loss

7 steps of weight loss

Starting a weight loss program is tough and the journey of expectation is what usually puts people off

When it comes to losing weight people never think of the 'What If I Don't Lose Weight This Week Scenario'

When this happens they tend to quit because they haven't lost weight, so why bother...

To help you on your weight loss journey and to ensure you lose weight, change your body shape and get in to the best shape of your life

We have created a simple 7 Steps of Weight Loss article to take you through the steps you need to make to ensure your weight loss success

Step 1: Plan Your Weeks

For a lot of people they decide to lose weight and the first thing that comes in to their head is, I am going to start eating 'X Food' and go to the gym

But in order for your weight loss plan to be a success you need to plan everything

Your Breakfasts

Your Lunches

Your Dinners

Your Workouts

If you plan all of this so that you know each week what you are going to be doing, what days you are going to be training and the exact exercises you are going to be doing

You are a HUGE step in the right direction of getting the weight loss results you want

And if you don't and are struggling, then let our personal trainers help you with our 6 week body transformation challenge

Step 2: Monitor These 4 Key Principles Every Week

Food: This is essential because you want to write down what you are eating (you do not need to weigh and scan your food) so you can track what you are having and how it is making you feel; bloated, tired, amazing, energised etc...

Workouts: In order for you to progress you must track your workouts so you can see the improvements and also see what is working and what isn't working for you

Classes are a great start but for you to seriously change your body shape you need something specific to you

And whether that is from online weight loss programs, personal trainers or designing your own plans, it is essential you do this

Sleep: How many hours you sleep, and regular sleep patterns are crucial as it ensures your recovery

Poor sleep and recovery can mean your food could be affected (low blood sugar), you might not fully recover from your workouts so could increase the risk of injury... and for most, fatigue and lack of sleep leads to people quitting their program because they 'don't have time'

Mood: This is the most important and often over looked

How you feel on the program is essential

While the first few weeks may be tough in adjusting to the new regime, you do not want to still feel like this down the road

As it will mean it is more likely that you will not stick with this

Monitor your mood each day in the form of notes on your phone or in a tracking app, and then summarise the week and look at any potential changes you could make, and anything that is working for you

Step 3: Make Contingency Plans

Life just gets in the way sometimes and a skipped workout, meal or lack of sleep can have a huge affect on your progress

Look at your weeks and if you have meetings, social events and other potential things that could get in the way then think of what you can do to help

Snacks are a great way to keep with you if you know you will miss meals, or in some case replacement shakes like Huel can work well

This is why planning your week is essential as it can help you identify this so you can stay on track

Step 4: Cope With The Disappointment of a Weight Loss Program

There are going to be some weeks where the scales do not move

And this is why most people quit

If you talk to a personal trainer they will get you to focus on other aspects of your weight loss journey and the success you have had

The Fact You Are Exercising Regularly

The Fact You Are Eating Better Quality Foods

The Fact You Are Drinking More Water

The Fact You Are Sleeping Better

While the scale weight is important, you can't let a few weeks of plateaux or even a small gain put you off your journey

Focus on the bigger picture

Step 5: Know Your Numbers

We are not talking about tracking calories in this part but what we are talking about is tracking your progress

Weight Loss

Minutes of Cardio Each Week

Weights Lifted

Hours Slept

How You Feel - Maybe not a direct number but you can score each day out of 10

If you log your numbers each week you can track your progress and this is a huge motivational factor in your success

During our 6 week body transformation challenge all members track their numbers within our coaching app, meaning they can see their progress and their weekly success, and potential struggles

Step 6: Think Outside The 'Norm' of a Weight Loss Program

When it comes to losing weight the focus is always on weight loss

And as mentioned in point 4, there are so many other factors of success to a weight loss program

Losing weight and changing your body shape should be viewed as a complete lifestyle change, the lifestyle you are currently leading has led you to want to change - so it is not good for you

Think of activities and events you can do


Running Events

Hyrox/CrossFit Events

Swimming Challenges

Charity Events

There are so many choices and having goals outside of losing weight makes the whole process so much easier

Step 7: Never Quit

The final and last piece of advice

Write this bit down...

You Only Fail If You Quit

You can make as many mistakes as you want on this journey, but it only becomes a failure if you quit... never quit... makes mistakes... but never quit

Gym Reb3l 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

The reason for the huge success in our body transformation challenge is our personal trainers focus to detail on the whole journey

Everything mentioned above is tracked within the app via our personal trainers guide and support

If you are struggling to lose weight and desperate to make a change

Click the button below and chat with one of our personal trainers via whats app about or 6 week body transformation program and the results you can get

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