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5 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Diet When Eating Out

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

stay on track with your diet

Sometimes the stress of eating out just isn't worth it when you are trying to lose weight because we believe that the temptation might be there or that there simply isn't anything you would want from the menu

But the truth is eating out can 100% be part of your weight loss plan

In fact it should be

Part of a successful weight loss program is being able to create sustainable habits and to build routine in to your lifestyle

So, being able to eat out as part of your weight loss journey teaches you the habits associated with that task that you need to do to make it a success

Which means that when it comes to eating out you never say no on the belief that 'You Can't While Trying To Lose Weight'

And to help you build these habits

Here are...

5 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Diet When Eating Out

Tip Number 1: Look For Ingredients Over Meals

Part of a healthy eating plan is establishing a diet of around 80% single ingredient foods

When looking at the food plan look specifically for dishes that have these foods in and make the choice from there

Chicken, Fish, Steak...

And once you have looked then look at the other parts of the dish and make the next choice

Tip Number 2: Green = Lean

Look to have a dish where you have vegetables with the dish

Or if it doesn't have these as a side order and make these the priority to eat with the lean meat

Having this option keeps you on track for your 5-7 portions per day and also helps add fibre to the meal

Tip Number 3: Is It Undercover

If they have to laden your food with sauce to give it flavour then stay away

Look for dishes that contain the above but are seasoned and also rely on natural flavours

As someone who loves steak I never order any sauce of ask for salt with the steak because the natural flavour will be enough

And if they do insist on that then it makes me believe that the steak is not that good quality

Tip Number 4: Stick To The Plan

This is the biggest and sometimes the most hardest for people to do

If your friends are pressuring you to have certain dishes or you believe in yourself that they will.... then just remember why you started

Don't let your own personal feelings of doubt and what you think they might expect (or what they do) to deter you from your goal

Get the first meal out of the way and then you set the standard that you are in control and doing the most important task... 'Doing What You Said You Would'

Tip Number 5: You Are Screwed!!!

So.... you have let your friends book a place and it is the LAST place you want to eat...

What do you do?

Grab soup???

Sit and starve?


Look for the protein dishes first (Lean Meats or Fish)

And stick to the rules above

Ask for it to not be in a sauce

Ask if there are vegetables available as a side or part of the dish

Pour the sauce down the sink


Eating out can be done

You just need to make your rules and stick to them

Because once you do...

Those rules become habits

And habits are the key to a successful weight loss program


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