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Personal Trainer Jobs Liverpool

personal trainer jobs liverpool

Private Gym Liverpool

Gym Reb3l is a private gym and offers a private personal training area divided in to two rooms allowing you the comfort and benefit of knowing that each person in there is working with their own personal trainer

We are not a commercial gym and so no members will be sitting on equipment, playing with their phones and taking selfies between sets...

Our dedicated private gym allows you to train your personal training clients in a professional atmosphere and in the comfort of a private training area that is fully equipped with the equipment you need to get your clients the results that they want

Alongside our personal training area we have a dedicated warm up and stretch/abs area meaning then when your clients come in before the start of their session they can warm up in comfort ready for your workout

We also have dedicated consultation and staff rooms for you to use the studio as a real business base and not just a gym area where consultation and your own work is conducted on the gym floor

Our office spaces also comes equiped with a green screen for you to make your social media content

personal trainer jobs liverpool

Private Gym And Fitness Class Area

Alongside the private personal training gym we also have a dedicated fitness class studio allowing you to offer small group personal training programs and fitness classes, this is a separate area from the gym and will not affect atmosphere of a private dedicated personal training space or a class space

This allows us to set up specific classes to tailor for your clients results and compliment their personal training program

There are 8 hung boxing bags for each client and floor space to help you run your classes in a spacious area - all under the disco lights theme in our studio

If you are looking for a comforting, non-intimidating area to train your clients and get fantastic results then Gym Reb3l offers the best personal training and group personal trianing facilities in Liverpool

Personal Trainer Jobs in Liverpool

At Gym Reb3l we cater for the individual in terms of clients and also for personal trainers who want to build their business within Gym Reb3l 

Full Time: This allows you to use the personal training area 24/4 and all its additional facilities. You can set up a regular small group training program in our dedicated fitness class area and book regular time slots to give your programs consistency

Please enquire direct for monthly costs

Part Time Trainer: This allows you to use the private personal training area and fitness class facilities between the hours of 7am-4pm Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Please enquire for direct monthly costs

Fitness Class Area Hire: If you want to just book our fitness class studio area you can for £20 per hour

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