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Membership Terms and Conditions

Gym Reb3l Terms and Conditions of Membership


The Types of Membership

What The Membership Allows For

Founding Membership

Full Membership Unlimited Class Pass

Personal Training Membership

The Commitment of Each Membership

1-2-1 Personal Training: 3, 6 and 12-month agreements

Group/Class Pass Membership: 6 and 12-month agreements

Once you contract has ended on each agreement you will move on to a rolling month-to-month contract to which you will need to give 30-days notice to cancel (on or before the 18th of the month)

How Old Do You Have To Be?

You must be at least 18 years old to become a member of Gym Reb3l

Please note: We do not accept memberships for clients under the age of 18 for our unlimited class pass membership but you can join our 1-2-1 personal training programs with parental or guardian consent 

If you do join our 1-2-1 personal training programs, then all forms must be co-signed by a parent or guardian who must also be on-site or in the car park during your training session

Your Membership Agreement Start Date

Once your membership agreement has been signed, submitted and paid your membership starts straight away and you are able to book on to any Gym Reb3l Class

All the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of your membership will apply and are non-negotiable

Paying Your Joining Fee

The Gym Reb3l joining fee is added to your membership on your initial payment. This fee is listed on the payment page and separate to your membership fee.

This fee is non-refundable even if you cancel in the first 14 days of your membership

Understanding Gym Reb3l Rights

If we do not enforce our agreement rights at any time, it does not mean we have waived those rights, no matter how long we wait.

If there is a miscalculation in your membership, we have 14 working days to correct this, even if the agreement has been signed

Your 14 Day Peace of Mind

You can cancel your membership to Gym Reb3l within the first 14-days of submitting, signing and paying for your membership. From day 15 you cannot do this

To cancel your membership please see the section below

You will be refunded your initial membership payment (but not your joining fee payment) within 30-days of cancelling your agreement in the first 14 days

Your Medical Form

Part of your sign-up process is to complete our medical questionnaire

Our staff are not Doctors or Medically trained and so therefore are not qualified to asses if you are in good health and physical condition to exercise

If you have any doubts or know of any medical condition it is your responsibility to seek professional, medical advice before starting any of our Gym Reb3l programs 

Ensure you have full clearance from your medical professional before joining Gym Reb3l and if you have any injury/illness (past or present) that may/will affect your ability to exercise have medical clearance in the form of a letter to be submitted by hand to the Gym Reb3l club you join


How Your Membership Works At Gym Reb3l

Upfront Payments

You can choose to pay for your Gym Reb3l membership at a reduced rate in a 1 off payment

If you choose this method, you will not be billed any monthly payments in relation to your membership

We will notify you 3 months before your membership is due to expire and at what date the next full payment is to be made

If you wish to cancel this payment you must still, follow our terms of cancellations as stated below

You will also have the option to move on to a monthly rate (higher monthly cost than the upfront payment equates too) but you must notify the club in writing of this change

Monthly Payments

All monthly payments are collected by a 3rdparty and will be scheduled from the day you join

Missed Payments: If you miss a payment you will receive a letter and have the option to pay via the letter or pay your monthly members in your Gym Reb3l club

If we do not receive your payment and your membership runs in to arrears within 60-days (2 payments) then your membership will be cancelled, and the remaining months memberships will be passed on to a collection team who will try to recover the debt

You will lose your club access until your payments are up to date and you have re-submitted your card or bank details to restart your monthly payments

In long-term cases we will then pass your debt to a 3rdparty collection agency who will then recover the debt

If your debt is passed to a 3rdparty collection agency other fee’s may apply

Meeting Your Responsibilities

You must make sure that:

  • Your account can accept direct debits
  • There is enough money in your account 5-days before the fees are due
  • You can afford the monthly membership to Gym Reb3l

You must tell Gym Reb3l of any changes to your bank account or new account details 7-days before your next payment date

You must cancel your direct debit in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement (The Gym Reb3l Terms and Conditions) and it is also your responsibility to also check and cancel with your bank too

Credit And Debit Card Payments 

If you choose to pay your monthly fee by credit card you must also follow the same agreements and notify Gym Reb3l of any changes to your card details


Changes To Your Agreement With Gym Reb3l

Fee’s: Gym Reb3l is proud to announce that the fee’s in which you pay (monthly or upfront) when you join Gym Reb3l will stay until you leave and cancel your membership, so these will never change

We may however make changes to the opening hours, class timetable, instructors and facilities

We may need to close the club too for refurbishment or to improve the facilities to which you will be given 30-day’s notice and also access to other Gym Reb3l locations while your club is closed

We will always keep our most up to date terms and conditions on our website at;

Changes Notifications

You will be notified via email 30-days to any changes in your club membership

Any closure in the club we will email you within 30-days and also list the other clubs available in your area for use

Freezing Your Gym Reb3l Membership

We can only freeze your membership for medical reasons and for a maximum of up to 3 months in 1 calendar year

In extreme medical conditions or bankruptcy, we may cancel your membership, but we must be satisfied by your supporting documents, such as a certificate from your Doctor or medical professional and your bankruptcy notification 

You must make sure your membership is up to date and has no arrears before freezing your membership


Using Your Membership At Gym Reb3l

You must ‘scan in’ to Gym Reb3l using your phone or ask a member of staff to sign you in 

This is not only to check your attendance but also for fire and safety regulations

Class Bookings

You must pre book on to the classes you wish to attend as we cannot guarantee you a place if you just turn up

You can join the waiting list on the Gym Reb3l Class Pass App if the class of your choice is full or register for another class

Cancelling Your Membership At Gym Reb3l

How To Cancel Your Membership After The Minimum Term

Once your minimum term has expired you, or we may cancel your membership. Any fees owed within your membership must be paid in full before the cancellation date

You Must Cancel Your Membership In Writing or Email

To cancel your membership, you must cancel on or before the 18thof the month. Any cancellations after this will be submitted the following month

Cancellation must be done in your club and you must complete and sign a cancellation form

You can also cancel via email (Send the email to [email protected])



Email Address

Phone Number

Membership Number

Reason For Cancellation

Confirmed Last Payment Date in accordance with the Gym Reb3l Terms and Conditions

Please Note: You cannot freeze your Gym Reb3l membership during your cancellation period

Cancelling During Your Minimum Membership Period or Without Giving Notice

We Can Accept The Following Terms In Membership Cancellation Within Your Minimum Period

You can apply to cancel your membership with the term in extreme medical conditions or bankruptcy to which you must submit either a certificate from your Doctor or Medical professional or a Bankruptcy certificate – You will not be charged any payments in these cases

You can also cancel your membership if you relocate to an area 20 miles from any Gym Reb3l location, but you must show us a utility bill or confirmation letter from your solicitor acting for you in any house sale/relocation


Fee’s If You Cancel Within Your Membership Period

Upfront Payments

Any upfront payments are non-refundable, and you must still notify Gym Reb3l of the cancellation of your membership and follow our cancellation policy or you will be billed again at the end of your initial agreement

If you choose to leave the club while still having pre-paid months available these will not be refunded

Monthly Payments

You cannot cancel your membership within your minimum term and all fee’s outstanding must be paid upfront for Gym Reb3l to accept your cancellation 

We do not ‘negotiate’ a payment and your outstanding fee’s will be based on the months you have remaining multiplied by your monthly fee


The Gym Reb3l Code

We want our members to have the safest and greatest experience at Gym Reb3l and to do this we need all members to understand what we expect in terms or behaviour and respect of our facilities

Gym Reb3l Equipment

During the classes your Gym Reb3l coach will take you through each exercise and show you how to use the equipment

If you are still unsure and need more help, PLEASE let your coach know and they will help you

Please Note: You will be responsible for any damage you cause to our club or its equipment through wilful act or negligence

As a courtesy to other members please:

  • Use a sweat towel to wipe down any equipment or matting/flooring
  • Turn up to your appointments 5-minutes before the start time
  • Avoid using mobile phones unless in an emergency
  • Keep the changing facilities tidy after your use

Shower Areas and Changing Facilities

Please be mindful when using these facilities as other members will be using them too

Allow for other members to use mirrors, benches, seats, hairdryers and other facilities and do not spread your things out turning it in to your own personal changing room

Gym Reb3l provides shower facilities but as with any wet areas there is potential for the floor to be wet/slippery

Please take care when using these facilities and we recommend all members wear a non-slip footwear when using them

You must follow all cleaning and ‘wet floor’ signs within the club

Your Own Personal Belongings

Gym Reb3l will provide lockers and you can also place your small personal belongings (keys and phones) with your personal trainer (in a 1-2-1 situation)

Or you can choose to keep your belongings with you

You must not take any bags or heavy belongings in to any of the classes

If you choose to take your phone/keys in to the class, they must be placed out the way of the training space and Gym Reb3l cannot accept any responsibility for any damaged property and nor can its members

Unfortunately, thefts can happen and Gym Reb3l cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to your belongings while you are at the club, even if someone breaks in to your locker or car


You can park on site or by your Gym Reb3l studio, but we will not accept any responsibility for any damage or theft to your car and its contents

You cannot leave your car overnight at any Gym Reb3l studio location

Clothing During Your Workouts

All members are required to wear suitable Gym clothing and trainers

We do not allow clothes with offensive images or advertising similar products to Gym Reb3l 

You can also purchase Gym Reb3l clothing online or within your Gym Reb3l studio to wear to your classes and workouts


We will cancel your membership to Gym Reb3l without warning if;

You are threatening or harassing other members

  • You are threatening or harassing Gym Reb3l staff
  • You damage equipment
  • Use illegal drugs within our premises
  • You are found guilty of any theft or damage to Gym Reb3l or its members belongings


Membership Feedback

We welcome your feedback on your club and all feedback should be submitted via email to [email protected]

We also have comment boxes within your club where you can make recommendations and give feedback

You can also arrange an appointment (or see them straight away if they are available) with your Gym Reb3l club manager within the club


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