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Personal Trainer Liverpool at Gym Reb3l

If you are looking for a proven weight loss formula that not only gets you fantastic results

But also gives you the coaching and guidance to keep the weight off and enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle

Then you have come to the right place

1000's of people just like you have used the Gym Reb3l coaching programs and achieved amazing results

It is the most comprehensive personal training program in Liverpool with support and monitored progression throughout the program

By investing in your own personal trainer at Gym Reb3l you are taking the first step to finding a true health and fitness program that is structured to you

All of our 1-2-1 personal training programs are fully customised and built around you

Why We Are Different At Gym Reb3l

Alongside your weight loss goal Gym Reb3l also has a policy to help people to reduce the risk of injury and move more freely

That is why our personal training programs involve you visiting our Gym Reb3l physiotherapist for a full muscle balance and assessement

This 60-minute assessment allows us to work out a program based on any previous injuries you may have that need improving as well as working on any muscles that may be stronger or weaker than others

By doing this (and the follow up assessments) our personal trainers are able to give detailed advice about how your program is built and structred

We are not like most personal trainers in Liverpool who will just take you for a quick consultation and then in to the gym for a workout

It is why our personal trainers achieve such amazing results with clients and why we can confidently give a 100% money back guarantee on our program (see Q and A below)

Success With Your Personal Trainer

Why Our Personal Trainers Get Such Amazing Results

Customised Workout

Through our personal training programs we build you workouts based on your current results and progressions

Workouts are tracked, monitored and updated after each session to ensure you achieve your results

Personalised Nutrition

Some people love weighing food, some people love counting calories and some people hate everything about structure

Which is why our nutritional programs are personalised and progressed for the clients results

Unrivalled Support

Have a personal trainer is not just about a workout or nutritional plan. There is so much more involved for success

And it is why our 'out go gym' support packages are crucial to your success and results

Time To Take The Easy Route

Invest in a Gym Reb3l personal trainer and get the complete guidance, support and package you need to achieve your results

Gym Reb3l Personal Trainers

Gym Reb3l is built on a fitness community of people all wanting to better themselves whether it is through our fitness classes, working with the Gym Reb3l personal trainers or both

What makes our programs so unique is the support you get within the Gym Reb3l community to achieving your goals... and beyond

See, at Gym Reb3l we know how easy it is for you to lose weight

But where most people struggle is keeping the weight off and maintaining their 'ideal' weight

And this is why our personal trainers are different and why our personal training programs get you such amazing results

We not only coach you through the principles of correct training and eating but you also go through our Gym Reb3l Lifestyle Coaching program which is an online membership site giving you complete access to everything you need to achieve long-term success and consistency

Goal setting and achievement is just one of the modules covered in the online program as well as Mindset coaching 

There is no point you losing weight and then putting it back on again

And with the teaching principles our personal trainers use at Gym Reb3l you can be sure that your results will not only be fast... but also long-term and consistent

Time To Take The Easy Route

Invest in a Gym Reb3l personal trainer and get the complete guidance, support and package you need to achieve your results

What Our Gym Reb3l Clients Say...

Personal Training at Gym Reb3l

We know we are the most expensive personal trainers in Liverpool

And to back up the quality of our results and your experience we offer a full money back guarantee on all our packages

When you join one of our programs, if in the first 30 days we have let you down and you do not feel it is for you

Just let us know and we will refund the remainder of your program (minus the sessions you have already had)

This is what makes our programs risk free and gives you as a client of Gym Reb3l security in knowing if the investment isn't right for you then you can get a refund

We have 3 main packages that our personal training clients can choose from;


3 Months: This package is paid for upfront 

6 Months: This can be paid monthly or for discounted price, upfront 

12 Months: This too can be paid monthly or for a discounted price, upfront

Our packages range from £40-£65 per session

There are many personal trainers in Liverpool who will let you do this but at Gym Reb3l we put your results first

What we mean by this is that when you join any of our personal training programs our personal trainers can plan a complete program for you based on your agreement length

If you pay as you go or in blocks there are no time frames our personal trainers can work from and so the results will always be limited compared to a committed program

You will be working with one of our personal trainers for a minimum of 2 sessions a week

Some of our clients train up to 4 sessions a week so the option is up to you

When you work with one of our personal trainers we will also set you additional workouts to complete alongside your personal training

At Gym Reb3l our personal trainers track everything

Your workouts, goals, nutrition, lifestyle habits and results are tracked every week and once a month you will sit with your personal trainer to assess these

There is no hiding from this and your personal trainer will show you exactly what you have achieved

This detail is what separates our personal trainers from the rest and why our clients get such amazing results

Most personal trainers just give you a workout and a food plan to follow... at Gym Reb3l there is so much more and this is why you will achieve amazing results

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