Reb3l FIT: The Most Complete Cardiovascular Workout

Time To Get FIT

Bodyweight, Weights, Cardio... Willpower... Everything you need to complete this class and get FIT

Whether you are looking at sweating out the #Prosecco or burning off some calories this ultimate full body workout gets you in shape and FIT


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Round 1

Dumbbells, Barbells, Slam Balls and Battle Ropes takes you through an incredible workout to help strength and tone your body fast... Nothing beats the success of Reb3l FIT


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Round 2

Bodyweight, Core and Short Sharp Cardio drills take you to another level where mindset and will power be tested… but the results are incredible


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Round 3

The finisher… cardio machines and core work to leave you feeling satisfied and complete knowing you are looking and feeling FIT in the most complete workout program


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