3 Reasons For Women To Lift Heavy Weights workout programs Jan 25, 2021

In the 80's is was Aerobics and X-Trainers

90's Yoga

2000's CrossFit

Female fitness trends continue to evolve and now more than ever women are reaping benefits from training with heavy weights and starting to put more compound movements in to their routines

I personally think CrossFit has been a...

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Why Structure Creates Freedom weight loss workout programs Jan 21, 2021

A problem we see with a lot of people when they want to lose weight is their resistance to change

  • I don't want to count calories
  • I don't want to eat those foods
  • I am not giving up my weekends
  • I don't like running
  • I don't want to lift heavy weight

All concerns (there are many more) that people...

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6-Week Body Transformation Challenge personal trainer personal training workout programs Jan 12, 2021

It is no secret that our 6-week transformation program has been responsible for so many women being able to lose weight and keep it off

This is why all new members at Gym Reb3l will initial sign up to our 6-week transformation program before going on to our main membership plan

The reason...

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At Home Glute Workout workout programs Jan 11, 2021

Squats, Split Squats, Step Ups.... the list is endless when it comes to people wanting to put together a home glute workout

But what is the best workout for your glutes you can do at home and still get results?

In order for you to fully understand the process of working your glutes you must look...

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