3 Steps To Fix Your Weight Loss Journey weight loss Feb 10, 2021

During your weight loss journey there are going to be times where you just either want to chuck the towel in and ask 'if it worth it?' 

Or where your weight loss will plateaux and you just can't seem to fix what is happening

Both if these examples above are very similar as they can be fixed...

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5 Habits of a Successful Dieter nutrition weight loss Feb 08, 2021

From previous blog posts you will understand how important habits are to your success

And the focus on habits and creating habits that align with the results you want is the key

In today post I want to list 5 habits of a successful dieter to give you an idea on what most people have in their...

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How To Goal Set For Weight Loss weight loss Jan 28, 2021

Whether it is the 'last 5lbs' or 50lbs

Goal setting and tracking is a must in your weight loss program

And in this post I want to teach you how not only set goal(s) specific to this

But to also show you how you can ensure you hit every single one and stay on track along the way

The trick to with...

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The Number 1 Ingredient To Weight Loss nutrition weight loss Jan 22, 2021

When clients come to Gym Reb3l to lose weight our first focus is to make sure they are drinking enough water and properly hydrated

But when it comes to food choices there is one 'macro' that we focus on at the start to ensure they are on the right track 


While some clients may track...

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Why Structure Creates Freedom weight loss workout programs Jan 21, 2021

A problem we see with a lot of people when they want to lose weight is their resistance to change

  • I don't want to count calories
  • I don't want to eat those foods
  • I am not giving up my weekends
  • I don't like running
  • I don't want to lift heavy weight

All concerns (there are many more) that people...

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7 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight weight loss Jan 19, 2021



  1. You are eating more than your daily calorie needs
  2. You are stressed
  3. You are depressed
  4. You are not sleeping enough (more stress)
  5. Your daily activity doesn't match your food intake to create a deficit
  6. You have simply hit a plateaux 
  7. You are not drinking enough water each day...
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3 Ways To Lose Weight in a Calorie Deficit weight loss Jan 17, 2021

Weight loss is only achievable when you are in a calorie deficit

And today I want to share with you 3 simple ways you can make this work for you and some of the strategies we use with our clients

First of all; Using apps such as myfitnesspal to track your calories is one of the best ways to do...

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Weight Loss, Why You Lose Motivation personal trainer weight loss Jan 15, 2021

Have you ever wondered why you seem to lose motivation when it comes to losing weight

You know WHY you want to lose weight

But it just seems to never happen to the level you want it too

I read in many blog posts that if you have a strong enough WHY then you will never fail

And while that is true...

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