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Why Strong Women Are Successful

Oct 02, 2019

What Strong Women Don’t Do


Ignore ‘Free the Nipple’ and the one where you wet your pants and take a photo


Real women aren’t using ‘bandwagon’ campaigns to make a difference


They are driven and focused on what they want and what they consider to be a success


It is these women that are making a difference and not the extreme leftist cry-babies sulking because the air-conditioning in the office is not set to the right temperature for women making the office sexist (you seriously need to Google that)


Strong MindStrong BodyStrong Women


The mantra of Reb3l Strength and Gym Reb3l


Strong women make the difference


They DON’T Compare Themselves to Others


They DON’T Put Others Down to Make Themselves Feel Better


They DON’T Let Self-Doubt Stop Them from Achieving Their Goals


They DON’T Avoid Challenges (No Matter How Daunting They Are)


The success of a strong women is built on her own beliefs in herself


And these beliefs are developed over time through habits (repetition)


As someone who wants to change you have to have belief in what you want to achieve and WHY


You need to have a full understanding of the importance


AND… you need to start living as that person


Most people spend their time in a negative mindset and not believing in what it is they want to achieve or the person they want to be


When you are ready to become a STRONG person, you need to spend the evening WRITING down and describing the person you want to be


It is then and only then will you have a full understanding of what you believe a strong woman is


Who Do You Want to Be?


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