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Which Client Are You (Do this before you start your weight loss plan)

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Which Client Are You?

Client A: 

Loves working out and going to classes but really struggles with staying on track with the food

Loses a bit of weight but never as much as you want for the effort you put in

Client B:

Hates training.. turns up but just doesn't enjoy it

Skips a few sessions here and there but you really get in to the food

You lose weight but you can't tone up as much as you would like

Client C:

Hates training

Hates dieting

Does it for a bit

But slips off

And have been on countless diets... but nothing seems to work

Above are just 3 of the 6 types of clients coaches work with


If you go to a gym or a personal trainer and they do one of 3 things

1. Put a workout on whiteboard for all the people in the class to do

2. Have everyone dong the same workouts in a class or 1-2-1

3. Can't show you your workouts since the day you joined (including progressions)

Then unfortunately you are paying for a generic program and not a personalised plan

This is why GENERIC programs that are not monitored or tracked... do not work

You can't have 1 program for 3 (6 in reality) types of people

If you want results

You can't do what other gyms and trainers do in Liverpool (generic plans)

You have to do things for the INDIVIDUAL

That is the only want to get short and most importantly... long term results - meaning... you make changes that last the rest of your life

At Gym Reb3l all our plans are personalised

We can show you every single workout each member has completed since the day they joined

This is why we get such amazing results

No guesswork

No generic plans

Just 100% monitoring, progression and results

Are You ready To See A Huge Difference In Your Body Shape, Fitness And Health In Just 6-Weeks?

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