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Weight Loss Success Stories - The Truth

Sep 09, 2019

Have you ever wondered how so many people seem to be able to lose weight and keep it off, but you struggle?

Like a yo-yo your weight is up and down and there never seems to be any long-term results

So why is it that some people just seem to be able to lose weight?

Why are there so many success stories where people have made unbelievable changes… but you struggle to lose and keep 1 stone off?

Here is the truth About Weight Loss

It is not your fault

It is not your fault that you look at all these amazing transformations in amazement (and maybe with a slight bit of jealousy)

It is not your fault that you may even say ‘It Is Easy for Them’

A before and after photo may not tell the whole story…

Most of the population will struggle when it comes to losing weight

Most of the population will be up and down with their weight (but some will eventually get to their goal)

Most of the population struggle to keep to their new regime and only follow it about 80% of the time

You are not alone with any of the this

But what the before and after photos fail to do is to show you the struggles that the success stories may have gone through

The days where training just seemed too much like an effort

The days they swapped a bottle of water for a bottle of wine

The days where they binged because their new regimes habits hadn’t been fully formed

Very few success stories will be a straightforward result of from A to B

They will be littered with mistakes and struggles

But what makes these success stories different from the people that struggle

Is that they NEVER GAVE UP

No matter how many mistakes they may have made

How many times they didn’t want to workout?

They just didn’t quit

They got over the mistakes and moved on

And that is all you have to do to be successful

Remember the Journey

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get the results you want just as long as you do not give up

You are going to have all the negative feelings and emotions other people have on this journey, but you have to remember

Why You Started:

  • Why It Is So Important To you
    Why You Must Never Quit
  • How Being Overweight Makes You Feel
  • Just keep reminding yourself and you will get the results you want

A Quick Tip to Make Losing Weight A Success

A simple strategy you can implement is to start a diary of your weight loss journey

Use this diary to make your intentions at the start of the day and then write another note at the end of the day

Make Your Intentions Clear

At the start of the day write a paragraph (or a few) about what it is you must do today to make the weight loss journey a success

Think about any obstacles you may face and what you can do to overcome them (if you have meetings etc…) and talk yourself through a clear plan

Then at the end of the day summarise what you have achieved that day and also write a few paragraphs for any mistakes you may have made and what you could have done differently

Finally, finish up with a sentence on how you are feeling about yourself and your achievements that day

Something so simple as this can really set you up and help you to build a picture on how you are developing

If you ever have any bad days or though outs and want to quit, then simply pick up this diary and look how far you have come

Look at everything you have achieved and overcome and remind yourself

Weight Loss is NOT Easy

It is not just a case of eat less and move more

That is a very ignorant way to think

There are so many emotions attached to losing weight that you have to overcome

As all as habits you need to develop

By starting your journey with the diary, you will be able to see your development and success

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