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The POWER of control

Oct 10, 2019

The sense of power comes from control


And the word power can be used to describe a whole host of varying situations


To gain power can be seen to be a ruler


Or, the opposite can be seen to gain power to become a leader


But when we think of power and to become powerful, we can use this in a much more meaningful term


A term that aligns how someone feels about themselves


To be powerful you do not have to be a ruler, you do not even have to set out to be a leader for others


That just comes with how you progress and how people around you can over time react to this power


When people see you doing the right thing and making better of yourself, they then start to follow


What do I mean when I say ‘Power Comes from Control”


  • Confidence
  • Self-Worth
  • Attitude


The 3 elements that make up


1: How you feel about yourself right now: Self-Worth

2: How you feel about your ability to complete tasks: Confidence

3: How you portray yourself to others: Attitude


I know the 3 elements can also be used in various other scenarios and descriptions but when we are talking about power and control, they need to be viewed as this




Are You Worth Where You Are Right Now?


Look at everything around you… is it what you deserve?


How you treat yourself is an indicator of your own personal feelings towards your Self-Worth


How do you look after your body?


How many times a week do you train?


How are you with your food?


Are you the right weight for how you want to feel?


Are you in the right clothes sizes for how you want to feel?


What do you do to relax and switch off?


Do you meditate?


Do you read?


Are you educating yourself in books/courses or plodding along?


Are you in a job you enjoy or just do because you want/need the money?


Grab a pen and paper and write down the answers to the questions above and also think about other aspects that describe Self-Worth




Confidence can be seen in many forms but for this case I want you to look at it as confidence in your ability to complete a task


How many goals have you set yourself in the last 12 months?


How many have you achieved?


How confident are you based on that result that you will achieve more?


Confidence in this case comes from habits


It comes from the habit of being able to get into a routine to do the job that is necessary for you to get the results you want


Once you can establish those habits then writing and achieving goals becomes easier


As you know that the plan you make to do this will more than likely be followed through


And the best part with confidence in yourself is that it is not hard to get going


You can get going straight away


But the trick is you have to celebrate EVERY WIN


No matter how big or small the win you have to celebrate


If you are going to the gym now and you can’t do a full press up


When you first achieve this


Think how that will make you feel


If you are someone who can do this already… can you remember how that made you feel?


What about when you ran your first mile without stopping?


Or did you first gym class even though you were nervous as hell?


How did that make you feel?


Small wins add up


Imagine if every day you achieved something


No matter how big or small the achievement was


Imagine how if every day you congratulate yourself on a small win


Over time how would that make you feel?


You can see how the mindset would change and how your confidence in your own ability would change


The easiest way to do this is to start to write it down


You can journal or, do as I do and write small paragraphs on today’s achievements


Once you learn to celebrate how good you are… things change massively




She Has Attitude…


Can be taken in many ways


And this is what you have to think


People look at attitude as personality


But attitude can also be viewed in your attitude towards tasks


What is your current Attitude to life?


What is your current attitude towards you job?


Now look at the other meaning of attitude


How do you portray yourself to others?


I want to share with you a HUGE secret


Your Attitude Will Determine Your Success <<< Write that down!!


Your attitude towards the task you want to achieve


Your attitude towards yourself


Your attitude towards others


Your attitude towards life


If your attitude is not on point and you are in a culture of not taking responsibility and owning your life and goals…. Rather than blaming others or situations


Nothing will change…


Attitude and Action dictate your results


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