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The Number 1 Ingredient To Weight Loss

nutrition weight loss Jan 22, 2021

When clients come to Gym Reb3l to lose weight our first focus is to make sure they are drinking enough water and properly hydrated

But when it comes to food choices there is one 'macro' that we focus on at the start to ensure they are on the right track 


While some clients may track their protein through myfitnesspal or other apps

Most are told how many of a specific food they must eat each day in order to hit their daily targets

The reason we ask clients to make sure they hit specific protein amounts each day for weight loss is simple

Protein fills you up, makes you feel full... however you want to describe it

Several studies have shown that eating a certain amounts of protein can boost metabolism by up to 100 calories per day

It is simply because protein reduces your 'ghrelin' levels - the hunger hormone

It is generally believed in research that high protein diets contribute to a greater fat loss

Study Link:

Study Link:

Quick Weight Loss Strategy Guide

For the next 14-days focus on 3 principles of fat loss

Water Intake: Aim to drink 2-3 litres of water per day

Protein: As a rough guide aim for 120g or protein per day

Activity: Complete 30-60minutes of low impact activity such as walking per day

Bonus: Include a protein source with every meal and start your day with eggs

If you are already exercising regularly but not getting the results then try 1 and 2, but make sure you do this consistently

I have spoken in previous blog posts about the importance of habits and how habits determine your weight loss results

The 3 ingredients above are just part of the habits you must create in order to get the results you want

If you get up at 7am and go to bed at 10pm then you have 15 hours to achieve the 3 steps above

The activity will take one of those hours

Meaning you have 14 hours to achieve the other 2

It is not tough

It is just getting started and making that commitment to change

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