New Year New You Fitness Program Scam

The New Year New You Fitness Program Scam

personal trainer workout programs Dec 29, 2021

This time of year is silly season

Social media is going to be filled with the New Year New You Fitness Program Scam that is going to see so many people waste their money and time on programs that offer very little results

At Gym Reb3l, we don't want you to be taken in by these scams so have put together a 'To Do' list to show you exactly how you can achieve the weight loss results you want without wasting your time and money

The Problem With These Challenges

Most of the programs you will see will be 21-Day, 30-Day or some even as low as 5 and 10 day challenges

The problem with these challenges is they get you in to short term thinking

Programs like this are sold on the 'Kick Start' you 'need' and people buy in to the plans thinking if they can drop 5-10lbs in this period of time that will help them get going

These fitness plans fail because;

  • They Are Generic Plans Where Everyone Follows The Same Food Plan and Workouts
  • The Require Too Many Changes Too Soon, So Are Unsustainable

For a small amount of people they will be able to make the required changes and achieve the short term results

But for most this won't happen

Short Term Thinking Is Ok... But You Want Long-Term Results

At Gym Reb3l we understand the importance for people to see results within the first few days

And for 99.9% of people this will happen, no matter what fitness challenge you take

  • Better Short Term Eating Habits
  • Reduced Digestion
  • Water Loss

These will all add up to short term weight loss

But on any weight loss program you must ask yourself 1 simple question

Can I See Myself Living This Way In 10 Years?

Why You Must Think Long-Term

Any fitness, weight loss, nutritional program should be 100% built around you

Within the Gym Reb3l 6-Week Challenge our focus is on Habit Creation

This basically means we program all our clients individually to ensure that we fully understand what changes they personally need to make in order for the program to be a success

We don't give out calorie counting programs because this doesn't work for most

We don't have all our clients doing the same workouts

And we certainly don't coach all our clients on the same program

At Gym Reb3l, when you join our 6-Week Transformation Challenge you will not only be able to see the 6-weeks you will be working with us

But you will also be able to look at the program we have outlined out for you for the full year!

From your initial consultation we put together a plan for you for the full 12 months

This means that we have a structure to follow so if you choose to continue with Gym Reb3l after the 6-weeks you can see exactly what is in place

Working to a phase of just 5, 10, 21 or 30-days just isn't effective

Unless you can see (ask the personal trainer) what your full calendar year of training will look like

What You Must Do Instead

Set Intentions

When you join any weight loss program write down clearly, defined goals of exactly what you want to achieve from the program

How will you be when the plan is finished?

What changes will you have made?

What will the new you be like

Identify What Needs To Change

In order for you to make the changes necessary you must first need to be able to be truthful and identify what you need to change

  • Food
  • Exercise 
  • Lifestyle

They are the basic 3 you initially work from and build your plan from there


Be Accountable

Accountability is the key to your success

Whether that is through a coach or personal trainer, to your partner/friends/family or just to yourself

You need to be accountable for what you say you are going to achieve

Monitor what you do

Be truthful in your approach

And log everything

Support Network Training Group

A network of like minded people all wanting to achieve the same results is key

This is why our 6-week challenge is so successful, because the women on the program are all striving for similar results

Working in a maximum group of 6 women you will not only build up amazing friendships and support

But you will motivate and encourage each other along the way

If you haven't got access to this then Facebook is a great way to join any weight loss groups (join our free weight loss group here)

BONUS: Enjoy What You Do

This is by far the most important aspect

You have to enjoy what you do

The exercise

The food

They all have t align to your beliefs and what you enjoy

If you hate the gym... find something else that helps to increase your heart rate and burn more calories

This is also why individual food programming is key

If you naturally eat a low carb diet then this is something you should follow

But to force yourself to do something that isn't natural or something you enjoy, such as eating low carbohydrate... won't give you the results you want

Invest In A Coach With Proven Results

My final piece of advice is simple

Why not take away all the guesswork and invest in the Gym Reb3l 6-Week Transformation Challenge

We provide you with everything you need to get the weight loss and fitness results you want

There is no guesswork and we make the whole process simple to follow, enjoyable and fast

Are You ready To See A Huge Difference In Your Body Shape, Fitness And Health In Just 6-Weeks?

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