The key to weight loss programs in liverpool

The Key To Weight Loss

weight loss Jan 23, 2022

If weight loss was as easy as;

  • Counting Calories
  • Increasing Activity

Then people wouldn't struggle

But as people are finding out at Gym Reb3l

The key to weight loss isn't just about that

There is so much more to what makes a successful weight loss program

The Key To Long Lasting Weight Loss

Losing weight, keep it off and managing the lifestyle comes down to your habits

The reason people will lose weight and then in the future put it back on is because while the program has worked short term

It has not taught them the habits needed to make it sustainable

So, going back to the program isn't the right thing to do

Instead they need to sit back and take the time to identify the habits they need to change

Why Habits Are Crucial For Weight Loss

If you  drive a car or ride a bike (even walking) you can do this without giving it too much thought

Think about how many times you have driven home and not really remembered the journey

This is because the habits needed to drive a car are installed

And they are installed through repetitions

It Is Like Learning To Drive

Think about the first time you tried to drive a car

The Clutch

The Break

The Accelerator

Rear View Mirror


Side Mirrors

Think about what you have to do to reverse... and how it is all automatic

Well, when it comes to you changing your habits to have a sustainable weight loss program it is the same

Knowing the portion sizes

Knowing what to it

Understanding when you have had too much

Making specific choices

All of this is done with not too much thought - it is a habit

How To Identify The Habits

If you currently want to lose weight, you will be able to identify current habits you have in place that have caused this

Go and grab a pen and paper and write down everything you do that you can currently think of that is stopping you from losing weight

You need to really spend time with this and really think

A lot of what you are doing you won't recognise because it won't stand out 


Because it is a habit :)

Think about your daily routines

Think about what you doing in the evenings

When you are cooking your meals

Think about the weekends

What about when you are out and about

Really delve deep and look in to the habits you can recognise which are causing you to not be able to lose and/or keep the weight loss off

How To Move Forward With Habit Coaching

Once you have identified the habits you need to change

Write a list

Then work on 2-3 habits for the next 14-21 days

At the start of each day

Write in your diary, on your phone or somewhere you will see it, the habits you are going to work on for the next 14-21 days

Your goals is to manage this habit 80% over the 21-day period (16-days)

Once you have achieved this add another 2-3 and slowly build up

A huge problem people make when starting a weight loss program is trying to do everything at once

They make so many changes that they just can't get it right and stick too them

Too many changes (for most people) cause problems

And ultimately the stress causes people to quit

Work slowly

Make the habits stick

And I can promise you that you will have a successful weight loss plan

And that is the key to weight loss

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