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Strength Training For Women

Sep 26, 2019

In a world where ‘super-foods’ burn fat, crazy workout routines ‘tone’ muscles and HIT training has been given a different meaning…

We are now entering the world of the crazy, money fuelled marketing aimed at women who are desperate to get results

Many female fitness magazines across the globe are peddling this rubbish that is leading to some women wasting time in the gym and with their diet in the hope of getting results

‘Super food salads’ that promise to ‘burn fat’ for the rest of the day are leading women up a whole new path of BS

And instead of letting women know the truth about fat loss and getting into shape

  • Dodgy Adverts
  • Misleading Articles
  • Poor Training Advice

Is stopping some women from getting the results they deserve

But thankfully a lot of this information is starting to get drowned out

The truth is emerging

Women are discovering that the secret’s to fat loss isn’t about ‘super food salads’, running for miles and lifting ‘no more than’ 4kg dumbbell’s

With all the shiny equipment scattered across gyms and cardio machines that do most of the work for you… something still glistens in the corner

Equipment that has been around well before we invented juices and protein shakes, and still stands strong in the gym

For most people it is looked upon as the forbidden fruit

The belief installed into a lot of women that this equipment will make them ‘bulky’ and turn them in to a ‘man’

I am talking about the Olympic Barbell

Kasper Berg is the man we need to thank for making this fine piece of equipment that has been the secret to so many people’s success

The belief that usually the answer is staring us right in the face is right when it comes to Gym Secrets and getting into shape

For the barbell is the foundation of any program that promises to get you in to serious shape

Without the barbell the bodies that female social media influencers are showing across the internet would not be possible

The secret to any successful fitness program for women must include barbell work

But not the type of work you see in the studios

The barbell is designed for one very simple purpose

To Get You Strong

When you get strong the results are incredible

  • Your Mindset Changes
  • Your Body Shape Changes
  • Your Goals Change

Your Expectations in The Gym Change

Strength Training Is the NUMBER 1 Way for Women to Change Their Body Shape

Taking yourself under the bar for the first time and squatting with just the weight of the bar as company can be daunting

But the power it gives you to then move on and increase the weight as your body develops is vitalising

The positive effects of barbell work on your mind is incredible

And that is why Gym Reb3l has opened our dedicated Strength Training Facilities for women who want to get into amazing shape

Reb3l Strength is a simple concept and one that is getting women amazing results

At Gym Reb3l we offer our 3 signature classes of

  • Reb3l Rumble
  • Reb3l FIT
  • Reb3l Strength

Each class has their own outcome on results and the combination (depending on your program goals) is incredible for results

Our Reb3l Strength classes caters for a maximum of 6 women

The reason for this is simply because the movements involved in a strength training class can at first seem very technical

The importance of getting these movements right is high

There is a lot of movement through the back in these exercises, and having a coach working on a 1-6 ratio helps ensure clients learn the correct movements

I Am New to Strength Training, Is This Class Suitable?

All clients who join Reb3l Strength, either from the studio or at our main Gym Reb3l studios will go through an initial assessment and consultation

The reason for this is that we program clients individually

If you are someone who has never strength trained and don’t have the right flexibility or movement to be able to squat… Then we don’t get you doing this movement until you do

This is a huge mistake people make… the join a gym and go straight to main movements without have the right flexibility and mobility

With Reb3l Strength classes being run as a personal training program all clients go through their own assessment and their workouts are based on this

What Results Can I Expect from Strength Training?

Contrary to belief… lifting weights does not make women bulky

Although if you are a woman and you want to put on more size then speak with one of our coaches at Reb3l Strength and they will take you through how to adjust your eating plan to pack on more muscle

Women naturally carry more body fat than men (tough I know…)

So, by you following a strength training program you achieve 2 amazing results

1: Your body gets into amazing shape… you build some muscle and those jeans that fitted with no shape… suddenly become like a pair of spandex leggings showing off every curve!

2: When you build muscle, your body has to feed the muscle… this means those heavy movements you have been working on 3x per week at Reb3l Strength have helped your body to crank up your metabolism so you burn MORE calories at rest!!

You also have the benefits of:

Increased bone health

Cardiovascular fitness


Increases Energy Levels

You Feel Empowered (Mindset Is A HUGE Improvement with Strength Training)

The list goes on…

The benefits of strength training for women is immense and now is your chance to get these at Reb3l Strength

What Is the Difference Between Gym Reb3l and Reb3l Studios?

Gym Reb3l Boutique Studios is where we run our 3 signature classes plus the 1-2-1 personal training programs

At Reb3l Strength Studios these are dedicated female strength training programs

How Do I Join a Reb3l Strength Studio or Gym Reb3l

Joining is simple and it is all completed online

Click the button below and join in just 3 simple steps

Step 1: Choose Your Gym Reb3l Studio Location

Step 2: Choose the Program You Want to Join

Step 3: Complete Your Details and Book Your First Class

When choosing your program please remember the memberships to Gym Reb3l are not reciprocal

The club you join Is where your membership is linked, and you can only use that club

Once you have completed your membership and joined the program one of our coaches will give you a call (within 2 hrs) and take you through the programs and get you booked in

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