Recipes For Weight Loss

Recipes For Weight Loss

nutrition weight loss Oct 15, 2021

Now is your chance to get access to over 40 delicious recipes to help with your weight loss plan

One of the toughest part of trying to lose weight is finding a food plan that you love

The thought of living off chicken and broccoli isn't appealing and why most people fail when it comes to losing weight

But now... at Gym Reb3l we are giving you our latest recipes for weight loss to ensure you never get bored on your diet plan and manage to see it through

Giving you not only the amazing results that you want

But a host of healthy recipes that you can continue to use over and over

3 Hacks To Help With Your Weight Loss Journey

1. Understand The Habits Needed For Success

In order for you to establish a long-term weight loss plan that keeps the weight off you need to understand the habits needed

It is our habits that create the results we want

Grab a pen and paper and list everything you can think of that you know is sabotaging your results


  • Snacking in between meals
  • Excess alcohol in the week
  • Lack of activity/exercise
  • Late night snacks
  • Full fat drinks

These are. habits that you will need to change and keep control of for you to get the results you want

2. Track Your Success

When you want to go on holiday, most of. us will put together a plan

How much money we need to save. for spends

How much we need to pay off the holiday each month

How much money needed for new clothes

But when it comes to losing weight we do nothing

We may weigh ourselves each week but the tracking of other important aspects doesn't happen

You Must Track Activity: What you choose. to do to help you get fitter. and stronger you must track

If it is a gym based workout you must track the exercises and weight you do so you can improve in the future

If you set a target to hit 10,000 steps each day then you must log this each time you do this and give yourself an average step count for the week

By tracking and monitoring your activity you can get a clear picture of your consistency in achieving your goal

If you do not track then you cannot see improvement and so while some days you may feel better, you never get a true reflection of how far you have actually come

Tracking and monitoring you food is also important so you can see if there are any areas of improvements you need to make

3. Enjoy The Process

You must do something you enjoy to help you with. your weight loss program otherwise sticking to it can become tricky and in most case a chore

If you dislike the gym but love walking then make this your main activity

There is no point forcing you to do something you do not like



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