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How To Lose 14lbs (1 Stone) In Just 30 Days

Sep 06, 2019

Imagine if in the next 30-days you managed to lose 1 stone, or 14lbs

How would that make you feel?

It is a huge commitment to making quick, sustainable changes to your lifestyle, exercise and diet regime

But one that is not impossible and in such a short space of time can give you amazing results

Quick note: You have to be realistic with the 30-days 1 stone challenge and actually have a stone to lose… if you just want to ‘lose as much weight as possible’ without needing to lose that amount then this isn’t for you

Obviously, the more weight you have to lose means that getting to the 1 stone in 30-days target will seem a lot more likely but with some small tweaks and a lot of dedication then losing 1 stone in 30-days is achievable for most people

Before We Start: I am not a Doctor, nor am I prescribing you a ‘diet’ program to follow. I am simply giving you advice based on my experience of working with clients on how I can get them to lose 1 stone in 30-days

If you want to follow this plan, then please check with your Doctor or a medical professional that it is suitable for you

How to Lose 1 Stone In 30 Days (In 4 simple steps)

Time To Be Honest With Yourself

Before you start on any journey to change certain aspects of your life you first need to have a full understanding of where you are right now

By gaining this understanding you are in a position to recognise the changes (habits) you need to make and look at what you need to install to make this a success

This section is usually the toughest for people to do but it is also the most important

The reason it is hard for people to do is because it requires you to have 100% honestly in your situation and where you are RIGHT NOW

The first thing you need to do is fill in the gap to the statement below

I am Currently Overweight By _________ (stones/lbs/kg)

Now I want you to take some time and work through the next section

In this part I want you to initially just fire off quick answers to the question below without really thinking

And then as you get into the process and delve deeper you will need to think a little more

Remember: You have to be 100% honest with yourself and the answers you give to the following questions

I am Overweight Because…

When you are answering this question, I want you to think of;

  • What habits have caused you to put on weight?
  • Drinking in the evening
  • Eating too many certain foods or drinks
  • Binging at the weekend
  • Watching Netflix rather than go for a walk/gym

What have you not been doing that has caused you to put on weight?

  • 60 minutes exercise 3x per week
  • Watching what you eat
  • Drinking enough water

Be open and honest with yourself because you need to have a full understand of why you are where you are

What to Do Next

Once you have written down your answers go back through them, because this gives you the answers to your success

Every habit you have that you believe has caused you to put weight on you need to do the opposite

And ever thing you have NOT being doing, you need to start doing

The process is very simple and gives you the answers to losing weight

You now need to write down a plan for how you are going to install these habits and make changes

Changing Your Habits

The belief is that, on average it takes 6 weeks to establish a new habit… and you have 4!

So, we need to move fast…

From the list you have made write them down and simply score them 1, 2 or 3

1: Most Important

2: Important

3: Need, But Not Life Changing

Depending on how many you have written, we normally recommend 3-5 habits to work on over the next 14 days, and then another 3-5 between days 15-30

The most important part to remember when changing your habits is that if you do make a mistake move straight on, don’t dwell and learn from it

If you have a bad meal make sure your next meal is right

If you have a fizzy drink that you decided, you shouldn’t be having… make sure your next drink is water

You don’t have to ‘start again tomorrow’

You can just move on from it right away and continue to try and build new habits

Monitoring Is Key

Anything you want to be successful at you have to be consistent and also monitor your progress

And losing 1 stone in 30 days uses the same principles

Monitoring a host of events is key to your success as it allows you to either

Keep things the same because they are working

Make adjustments when you need to

Check your progress and ensure you are on track

The main 3 elements you have to monitor are

Workouts: Write down each workout you complete and what you did and then write a short assessment of;

  • How you found the workout
  • Your recovery after the workout
  • Any weight, time, resistance or exercise changes you need to make

The next part you need to monitor is your food plan

  • How did you feel that day? (hungry. Bloated, energised…)
  • Did you stick to certain food groups?
  • If you monitor calories or macros – did you hit those numbers?
  • Did you take in your daily water requirements?

And the final part of the monitoring process is you and your lifestyle

  • Sleeping patterns
  • Mood; Stress, anxious, depressed, agitated
  • Did you feel tired or energised?

The simplest way to look back at the questions you should be asking when monitoring your program is to look at your habits

Your habits have created you and your lifestyle, and if there are any that you need to change then use this to ask questions about your progress

The 4th, and probably the most important

And one that people forget

You must ENJOY the process

You are here to create a huge change

If you want to lose 1 stone in 30-days or if you have 10 stone to lose it doesn’t matter

The emotions are the same in the sense that you are not happy and so there are aspects of your lifestyle, food and exercise plans that need to change

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