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How To Lose 1 Stone In 30 Days | Gym Reb3l

Sep 06, 2019

Lose 1 stone in 30-days

How would you feel in just 30-days you could lose 1 stone?

And by following a proven nutritional plan and workout program these results were guaranteed

And to back up that guarantee you will get a full refund if you don’t

That is what we are offering at Gym Reb3l

And our personal trainers are ready to take you through a 30-Day Transformation Program that guarantees these results

To Qualify for The Lose 1 Stone In 30-Days Program

You Must Be Able To:

  1. Commit To 3 Personal Training Sessions Per Week
  2. Commit to Following A Proven Nutritional Plan
  3. Commit To 2x 30-Minute Home Based Workouts Per Week
  4. Commit to Our Weekly Accountability Program

If you are ready to step up and get the results you want, then simply click the button below and register your details for the program

One of our personal trainers will call you within 12hr to take you through the program and when you feel ready, will get you signed up to the program

What the Lose 1 Stone In 30 Days Program Is Not

The quick reaction people will have to this program is that for the next 30-days you are probably going to be living on;

  • Juices
  • Tablets
  • Super Low Calorie (Near on impossible to stick to)
  • Dust

The food plan given for you to follow for the 30-day program is packed with recipes and meals that leave you feeling full and satisfied

  • Homemade Burgers
  • Curry’s
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Delicious Snacks

The goal of the plan is not just to get you to lose 1 stone in 30-days but to help you create habits that allow you to

  1. Keep the Weight Off
  2. Learn Habits That Allow You to Achieve Your Goal Weight

We don’t just want you to lose 1 stone in 30 days and then within a further 30 days to have put the weight back on again

That would be a waste of your time and money

The goal is that you not only learn the portion control of foods you need to eat but to also learn the types of foods that work for you and help you to get the results you want

Your Results Are Based on You and Not What You Want

So many people lose weight and then within a few months they gain the weight back on

It is a cycle we see with so many people over and over again and unfortunately for a lot of people this will be the cycle of their life

And it comes down to understanding the headline above

Your Results Are Based on You

Think about it

How many times have you written down or thought ‘I Want to Lose Weight’?

So, what is your next step

Well, you plan the exercise you are going to do and then move on to looking for a diet plan to follow

So, let us say you want to lose 1 stone

On average it takes someone 7 weeks to lose one stone

For the next 7 weeks you are going to follow your new diet

Attend your exercise classes

And in 7 weeks you have lost the stone you wanted

So, then what happens?

Well for a small amount of people they are able to keep that stone off

But for most people

This isn’t the case

The reason is simple

Because They Have Not Become That Person 1 Stone Lighter

In order for you to live your life 1 stone lighter you have to adapts the habits that allow it

Think about it

The habits you have developed over the years have got you to where you are right now

So, if you are not happy about your weight then it is the habits that have unfortunately put weight on you

So, you need to make changes to those habits

Once you change those habits

To one of someone who is 1 stone lighter

Then you start to live like that person who is 1 stone lighter

  • Your Food Choices
  • Your Sleep Habits
  • Your Lifestyle

Everything changes

But it changes within you to put you in align with who you want to be

So many people like the idea of something but they are not prepared to make the changes or become that person to make it happen

Within the 30-day program we teach you these habits

We show you what it takes

So long-term

You keep everything you have worked so hard for and can progress

What Is Your Next Move?

We unfortunately can’t make the decision for you…

This has to come from you

You have to take the first step

And when that step is you ready to change

When you are ready to put yourself first to get the results you want

Then click the buttons below and get signed up

Input your details after clicking the button and one of our coaches will call you and take you through the program

Once everything is agreed you are ready to start

We are here for you to make this happen

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