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Should You Hire A Personal Trainer

Mar 11, 2019

Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

Before I answer the main question let me answer another common question people have when they are deciding on whether to hire a personal trainer


What Do Personal Trainers Do?

A lot of people are of the belief that they do not need a personal trainer and everything they want to do is available online

And… in some cases they may be right 

If You Have;

  • No Previous Injuries
  • No Current Injuries
  • No Food Related Issues/Intolerance
  • Perfect Muscle Balance (no risk of injury)

 And You Can Also;

  • Devise A Program Specific To You
  • Monitor A Program Weekly
  • Progress A Program
  • Make Adaptions Where Necessary To Keep You On track
  • Know What To Do If You Slip Up or Make Mistake

Then no…

You do not need a personal trainer

See, a personal trainer is more than just ‘Chicken and Broccoli’ recipes

Every step of your journey they are able to assess and monitor what you are doing and put a plan in place that allows you to get to the results you want in the quickest, safest way possible

 So to answer the original question of; Do You Need A Personal Trainer

 The answer is… If you can do all the above yourself and you want to follow something specific to you and not generic (like what you would get on the internet) then yes, you need a personal trainer


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Personal Trainer?

The cost of a personal trainer can sometimes be based on the experience and qualifications of the personal trainer but in some cases it is set by a personal trainer on what they believe their service is worth

Personal trainers have different pricing structures and below we look at how most of them will charge for their services

Block Bookings: Stay away from these types of personal trainers. If you block book 10 or 20 sessions this is not enough for a personal trainer to put in place a long-term plan

You may want to only do 10 sessions and then go of by yourself but imagine this…

You trainer with a personal trainer 2x per week (Once a week is not enough) and they set you a program for you to do outside of the sessions

That personal trainer will not know how long you plan to stay with them so will only ever plan for 10 sessions (5-week blocks) which is not enough time to see a real, long lasting progression

Pay As You Go: Avoid these at all costs… this is simply a case of personal trainers taking people’s money and throwing them around a generic workout

Like the point above where they can be no long-term planning this is a pointless, waste of money exercise

Contract Personal Trainers: By far the best investment you will make as the personal trainer has a set period of time to work with you

These are usually 3, 6 or 12 month contracts

And this means after your initial assessments the personal trainer can then put together a detailed plan for that period of time as they know exactly how long you are going to be training with them and can plan the results they expect you to achieve

If your trainers rents a commercial gym and works under their company name the cost of a personal trainer can be different as you can be paying the gym direct or paying the personal trainer

Either way the average cost of a personal training session is £35 per session


What Personal Trainer Certificate Is Most Respected?

Personal training is still a loosely regulated industry where In some gyms they allow you to train because of your ‘experience’ and with no qualifications

A common misconceptions is that personal trainers with degrees in sports science or something similar are the ‘best personal trainers’ where in most cases this is not the case

You also then have the extreme where personal trainers can qualify in as little as 6-weeks and then start working as a personal trainer

But as with all jobs it is not about the initial qualification

It is about the personal trainers ability to transfer and coach the information they have learned in to a manageable program that clients can follow and understand

And as with everything it is also about continued, reputable education and attending yearly programs that will help the personal trainer to develop their knowledge which they can the apply to help their clients


What Qualifications Do Personal Trainers Need?

At a minimum personal trainers need:

  • A Level 3 Personal Training Qualifications
  • A Valid First Aid
  • A Valid Defibrillator Certificate

And of course on top of their initial qualifications they also need valid Public Liability Insurance (at a minimum)

Before you join any personal training program make sure you ask to see all these certificates from your personal trainers or ask for the qualifications board where you can view the personal trainers certificates

DO NOT… sign up to a personal trainer without viewing these

I Hope This Help You…

I hope this quick guide on personal training helps you decide on choosing the best personal trainer for you and also gives you an insight in to the basic requirements your personal trainer must have in order to be able to coach you properly


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