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Sep 25, 2019

The Strength Training Class For Strong Women!

Women are taking over gyms…

They are taking over the squat racks

They are taking over the barbells

They are taking over the body weight machines

And they are now taking over Instagram in health and fitness

Women KNOW how to train

They lift Heavy

They lift Right

And they lift to get Strong

It is why we see so many ‘Squat Bums’ now across social media

Women (unlike some men) are not afraid to train legs 2-3 times per week and that’s why they are getting such incredible transformations

Strength Training is BACK!

But not as we knew it

Women are bringing back heavy, compound lifting and with amazing results

The strong bodied female is taking over and is here to stay

Reb3l Strength Is The Class That SERIOUSLY Changes Your Body Shape

Cardio helps make you slim

Weights CHANGE your body shape

Unless a runner strength trains, you will never see them with any decent shape, they are just skinny

And the ‘Skinny’ look backed out years ago for women

Women are now demanding some serious shape to their body

Fitting in to a size 8, 10 or 12 is now not enough

They need to fit with SHAPE

And thanks to Gym Reb3l and our Reb3l Strength Class women are getting access to the ‘secrets’ of strength training and the incredible results you can achieve

Each class at Reb3l Strength is focused around a specific strength training movement, and then finished with an additional workout based around those movements

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts
  • Clean and Press
  • Cleans
  • Overhead Press
  • Sumo Squats

These are just come of the compound movements that you will learn during your time at Gym Reb3l in our Reb3l Strength Class

Our coaches will put together a specific workout just for you and the progressions made during the class fit with your current level of ability

No one clients complete the same workout and intensity

Even though this is a small group training class of up to 6 people not one of you will be made to follow a generic plan

Each month your coach will plan a range of exercises and workouts for you that you are then taken through

Your workouts are then naturally progressed as your ability and results change

This ensures that you will ALWAYS get fantastic results and see some incredible changes within your body shape

Reb3l Strength is the fitness class for women that are serious about changing their body shape and accelerating their fitness levels

Strength Training Increases Fitness Levels

Strength training seems to carry with it a tag (for some people) of it just being about weight sand very little stamina involved

This is all nonsense

Strength training places a great strain on the heart and increases cardiovascular output

Trying doing a heavy set of squats or clean and press and your gasping for air while trying to feel your legs or shoulders

Strength training is the ultimate body workout that constantly pushes you both mentally and physically and making you grow as a person

It is why strong women are taking over gyms and getting more and more confident in training with heavy weights

Why You Should Train with Reb3l Strength

Reb3l Strength classes at Gym Reb3l will give you a complete strength training program that is designed by one of our coaches

The most common mistake women make in the gym is heading straight to the squat rack without really having the form and technique to complete the exercise or having a coach make small changes that will help them to develop their techniques

And with this you see a lot of women dive straighten to squats or deadlifts and ultimately picking the wrong movements due to their poor technique and muscle restrictions

This does NOT happen in Reb3l Strength

Through your initial assessment your coach will put together your first phase of workouts that will help you to develop naturally through each exercise sequence

This not only reduces the risk of injury, but it also allows your body to develop at a greater rate as you accelerate through the workouts

Each month your programs are updated but throughout the movement sequences are changed and exercises are progressed where necessary

There really is no other strength class like this for women who are serious about changing their body shape

How Do I Join a Reb3l Strength Class?

At Gym Reb3l we have our 3 signature classes;

Reb3l Rumble

Reb3l FIT

Reb3l Strength

These classes are all held at our Boutique Fitness Studios, but we also have dedicated Reb3l Strength studios

These are kitted out with the latest strength training equipment but also have an ‘Old Skool’ feel to them with the layout and the decor

It is aimed at women who want to work out in a different environment to those of a commercial gym

A ‘spit and sawdust’ gym without the spit!!

Whether you are a new lifter or have been training for years

Reb3l Strength programs their workouts to the individual so we have you covered

Our personal trainers will write a workout plan just for you

You can join today

Simply click the link below and claim your spot!!

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

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