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Amazing Weight Loss Results

nutrition personal trainer weight loss workout programs Dec 05, 2021

The hardest part to losing weight and changing your body shape is trying to get (or find) consistency

  • Your Food
  • Your Workouts
  • Your Lifestyle
  • Your Work/Family
  • Your Social Life

As discussed in many posts previous to this one

These are all factors that will determine your results

And in order for you to get results that you want you must be consistent in all your approaches to the above

The image above is EXACTLY what can happen when you are consistent

And what really demonstrates consistency is that the lady who has achieved these amazing results has done so while not sacrificing her weekends

7 course, fine dining (with wine at every course) nights out

40th birthday parties

Trips to Leeds and London

These have all happened in the past month

And what really surprises people - but also gets them excited as to their own results is this


At No Point During These 10 Weeks Has She Calorie Counted

These results are a direct results of habits

If you can change certain habits

And manage the above

And by manage I mean be in control

Then you don't need to calorie count

You just need to continue being... The New You!


All You Need To Do Is This

Weight loss isn't complicated

You just need to be coached the right way

And the right way is to be treated as an individual

No calorie counting

No generic workouts

No fluff

Work with Gym Reb3l either in person or online and let our expert coaches build a sustainable fitness and nutritional program that is 100% specific to you


And when you follow our habit based coaching approach

You can see above (and by the vast amounts of testimonials online) the results you can get

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