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Vegan Diet and Plant Based Diet

A Vegan or Plant Based Diet

nutrition weight loss Aug 29, 2022

Following a Vegan and following a Plant Based diet are two different concepts

And for a lot of people it can get confusing in understanding the difference

Plant based products such as milks, meat alternatives are on the rise

More and more people are making the purchases and switching across

So, what is the difference between a plant based diet and a vegan diet?

Vegan Diet

This is a complete lifestyle approach to a diet where no animal products are used at all

This includes all self care products, clothes as well as their foods

Most people will follow a vegan lifestyle based on ethical choices and concerns for the treatment of animal and animal welfare

Vegan diets can include a lot of highly processed foods on the condition they do not include animal products

And for some vegans, (surprisingly) they have very low iron levels - which is strange considering what their food choices should be

Plant Based Diets

A plant based diet is focused on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and healthy fats

It doesn't include any refined oils or grains, highly processed foods or added sugars

Some plant based foods include animal products such as lean meat, dairy and fish

So there is the difference

A vegan encompasses a complete lifestyle approach where as a plant based diet is just a nutritious approach

Healthy vegans will follow a plant based approach 

But those without a full understand of the nutritious concept will only follow the other lifestyle a ethical choices of a vegan

The Transformation Challenge

All food should be based as a  lifestyle choice and this is why we  never coach our clients through generic, calorie counting based diets

We coach them through their beliefs and install healthy habits  for them to follow

It is why we are able to coach all diet based types and why our programs get such amazing results

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