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8-Week Boot Camp Liverpool

Mar 16, 2019


Imagine this…

For the next 8-weeks you are going to be working with a personal trainer

You are going to be following dedicated workouts that will help to tone, strength and shape the body

You will have access to a personalised nutritional plan that fits around your lifestyle, likes and commitments that allows you to lose weight and tone up

But most importantly the nutritional plan teaches you how to keep the weight off

And then… you will also be training with like-minded women who are all wanting to improve their health and fitness

If you wanted the perfect environment to lose weight and get in shape

Then the Gym Reb3l 8-Week Transformation Camp is the right choice


Why Should You Join Gym Reb3l Boot Camp Program?

For most people working out and dieting becomes a chore because they are making the same mistakes over and over again

For you to get long term weight loss results you must learn to create habits

The habits you have in place have got you the body you have today, and if you are unhappy with that then it is those habits you need to change

The problem is most people just focus on weight loss as a short term project

So even if they have the intentions of losing a lot of weight they only ever have a short success with this because they are not looking at the bigger picture

It is why you hear so many people say

‘I am going back to X-Slimming Club on Monday’

And the reason for that is that originally they lost the weight

So in their minds the program ‘works’

But unfortunately long-term the program has not worked because they have not kept the weight off

And it is this mindset and habits that is causing people stress when it comes to losing weight

Why The 8-Week Transformation Boot Camp Is Different

As mentioned your success is determined by your habits

And throughout the 8-weeks you will be following Gym Reb3l’s Performance Tracker manual that teaches you to establish successful habits to get the results you want

You will also have access to our online members area where we have;

  • Videos
  • Downloads
  • Resources
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Presentations

All of which are designed to help you with your health, fitness and lifestyle

There is so much more to the 8-Week Transformation Boot Camp then from your traditional ‘Workout and Recipe Book’ boot camp

Over the course of the 8-Weeks you will be following a proven step-by-step system that gets you unbelievable results

The workouts are all planned and progressed to keep you on track

The nutritional plans are designed to ensure you achieve each milestone and get results

And the community of women you train with keeps you motivated

There really is no other boot camp style program like this in Liverpool and it is why it is Liverpool’s best boot camp transformation program

Am I Fit Enough For The 8-Week Transformation Boot Camp?

The magic of this boot camp is that we cater for all levels of ability

And this is due to the way we have structured all the workouts

During the 8-Weeks the program is set to the 3 main principles of weight loss;

  1. Fitness
  2. Muscle Tone and Conditioning
  3. Strength

These programs are set so you will spend so many weeks going through each of the above workouts to help improve each aspect

But before you do that we get a base level of your current fitness and muscle endurance but starting with a fitness assessment

This is a series of 7 bodyweight exercises and the a cardio assessment

From this is gives you a base layer to work from and we can then use your results to make any adjustments to the program to keep you on track and motivated

You will re-assess the fitness assessments on week 4 and then on week 8 we do it again to show you your amazing progress

Working out makes you feel good but being able to see your fitness and muscular endurance progressing on paper through the results of your fitness assessment is amazing and another tool that keeps you motivated and on track

The Gym Reb3l Performance Tracker Manual

One of the secrets to our personal training clients success and also the clients who attend the 8-Week Transformation Boot Camp is the Performance Tracker

This manual will become your lifestyle Bible and it allows you to track your progress and goals daily

It is divided up in to 3 elements that make your fitness and weight loss  journey a success and then each section has questions and tasks that you complete in 30-day periods

The habits you establish and the assessments you make throughout is the reason we get such amazing results with our clients and will be the reason you too are able to stick to the program

Within the online members area is 3 part video series that takes you through each part of the Performance Tracker and how to use it

And as mentioned before, the habits you create on the 8-Week Transformation Boot Camp will be long-term habits meaning that you no longer have to...

‘Go Back To X-Slimming Club Monday’

The Journey Starts With You...

At Gym Reb3l we know our 8-Week Transformation Boot Camp works

100's of women in Liverpool have lost weight, increased their fitness and cost of all... had fun during our programs

But ultimately the results they got started with them taking the huge step of booking on to their first camp

And that first step is something we at Gym Reb3l cannot force you to do

When you are ready to take control of your health and fitness

When you are ready to put yourself first

When you are ready to get the results you want


Click the button below and choose the boot camp in your area that you wish to join

You will be given instant access to all our content and able to access the nutritional videos and downloads

This is your chance to take control and get the results you want...

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