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7 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

weight loss Jan 19, 2021



  1. You are eating more than your daily calorie needs
  2. You are stressed
  3. You are depressed
  4. You are not sleeping enough (more stress)
  5. Your daily activity doesn't match your food intake to create a deficit
  6. You have simply hit a plateaux 
  7. You are not drinking enough water each day (this should be the number 1 and something you should work on from the start of your weight loss plan)

Now... weight loss is about the above

What about changing your body shape and not just getting smaller through losing weight

It is always published that it is 80% (or 70% in other places) diet and 20% (and 30%)  in other places) training...

The truth is weight loss is 100% diet

It is why slimming clubs are so successful

As their focus is on on WEIGHT LOSS

But if you want to change your body shape

I mean really change... not just shrink

You must lift weights

Not like the pointless article recently in the press saying bands are just as good as dumbbells

It is articles like that which make people suffer longer

Take a tour of a gym

In the corner you will always see;

  • Plates
  • Bars Dumbbells
  • Benches
  • Racks

Surrounded by this will be machines which can be used for assistance work

But the truth is your core workout needs to be focused around a strength based program

On top of the 7 reasons above about why you are not losing weight

Remember this

Eat to lose weight

Lift to change your body shape

Quick foot note:  depending on how in depth you go with your food will determine the exact changes in your body composition

For this article I am just talking about calories in general

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