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5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer at Gym Reb3l

personal trainer personal training Feb 11, 2021

You Are Not Seeing The Results You Want

Nothing demoralizing people more in their weight loss journey than eating the foods on 'the plan', exercising and still not losing weight

When you hire a personal trainer at Gym Reb3l your trainer will monitor and progress your eating plan, workouts and habits to ensure that you continually progress and get towards the results you want

Having a professional personal trainer who knows exactly how to do this is key to your results

You Have Never Exercised Before

Walking in to a gym can be daunting and if you are someone who has never trained before then the confusion of what to do and also the highlight of other members in the gym can put you off

By working with a personal trainer at Gym Reb3l you will have a coach that sits with you in an initial strategy session and sets out a clear plan

You are then shown the correct techniques and steps to execute the exercise properly in a safe and effective manner

You Struggle To Stay Consistent On A Plan

Most people quit a diet plan within 6-weeks and for this reason dieting can become a chore, especially if you are someone who hasn't been able to stay consistent and switches from plan to plan (or back to the same plan)

By working with a personal trainer you will have all the support and guidance you need to keep you on track and consistent with your workouts and diet plan

Any slight adjustments that are needed are handled by your trainer

You Have Never Found A Plan That 'Works For You'

Doesn't it just annoy you when you see X, X and X person all over social media losing weight and getting their results

While you may feel happy for them it can become frustrating when you haven't found a plan that works for you

Well... working with a personal trainer at Gym Reb3l gives you that options everything is built around you

The plan you follow is specifically designed and tailored to you to ensure it is right for you and that you are able to stick with the program

We do not give out generic meal plans, generic calorie goals or set each client the same targets

Everything is written for you to ensure that it is right for you

You Do Not Like Exercising or The Gym

Working with a personal trainer is ideal for people who do not like exercising

It not only gives you the chance to know that what you are doing is right for you

It leaves you safe in the knowledge that while you may not be looking forward to the sessions initially, having a personal trainer on hand to keep you company (we are good fun!) 

And to also know that the time you spend in the gym isn't wasted

Is enough for you to commit and get the results you want

BONUS: When people start to see the results and how much better it makes them feel the usually begin to enjoy the process of working out because of how it makes them feel

You Want To Know What You Are Doing Is Right For You

So many people go to the gym, classes or other workout sessions and never get the results they want

And part of this might be that the program they are following is not right for them

Knowing what you are doing is going to give you amazing results in the short-term but also long-term, sustainable results is everything

By working with a personal trainer at Gym Reb3l you know this all to be true

You Want Someone To Do All The Planning For You And You Just Implement

With a personal trainer you have someone who takes care of all the planning, goal setting, adjustments, tweaks and monitoring

This is all done for you to ensure that the plan continues to give you the results you want and also gives you habits that are sustainable to you

Personal training is the best way to achieve this and your personal trainer at Gym Reb3l takes care of everything for you

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