30 day weight loss program

30 Day Weight Loss challenge

nutrition weight loss workout programs Aug 04, 2022

30 days is a long time to enable you to get some amazing results

Following the right plan for you then a 30-day weight loss program is a fantastic way to start your journey

But there are 3 essentials you must know for you to make sure this plan works for you

Understand The Weight Loss Habits You Need

For you to get the best out of a 30-day weight loss program you must ensure that you are able to understand the habits you need to implement

And the easiest way to identify these is to acknowledge the current habits you have that have made you feel that you must lose weight in the next 30 days

Grab a pen and paper

Get some space

And answer this question

What Do I Currently Do That Is Stopping Me Losing Weight?

You need to be honest in your answer but there may be several or one factor that is stopping you

  • Snacking
  • Midweek drinking
  • Skipping too many meals
  • Zero exercise (or regular exercise)
  • Late night eating
  • Types of food

Be brutally honest because the quicker you can understand that habits you need to make changes on the easier and more effective the 30 day challenge is going to be

Understand The Changes Needed To Lose Weight 

Once you have identified the habits that are stopping you from losing the weight you want then make a list next to these

And the list next to these if what the opposite action needed would be

Now this sounds really simple (and it is)

But by writing down what you need to change then you can recognise what is needed

And the ‘I Must Stop…’ become powerful

Most people either ignore or are not aware of the habits they have that stop them getting the results they want and so changes are very limited

Monitor Your Changes And Weight Loss Progress

Progression is key to your results, and you can see progression by monitoring your workouts, food and habits

Focusing on habits and completing a ‘streak’ of 7 days is a fantastic way to start your challenge and set targets

Looking through your habits look at 3 changes you want to make over the next 7 days

Stick with these…

Don’t worry about the others just yet

Then for the next 7 days focusing achieving these habits each day

Once you have completed these for 7 days in a row then add another 3 changes to your plan to increase your habits

You Must Think Long Term For Weight Loss

While 30 day weight loss programs are a fantastic way to get started in your weight loss journey

You must use these as a tool to build sustainable habits that will see you long past the 30 days

If you complete a 30 day program

And in 90, 120 or even 2 years

You have put the weight back on

Then the program hasn’t worked for you

This is why habit creation is essential

As habits are what caused you to gain the weight you were not happy with

So new habits

Habits created around having the body you want

Will get you the results you want and enable you to live without constantly having to think about dieting or what to eat… because this part is now a habit

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