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3 Reasons For Women To Lift Heavy Weights

workout programs Jan 25, 2021

In the 80's is was Aerobics and X-Trainers

90's Yoga

2000's CrossFit

Female fitness trends continue to evolve and now more than ever women are reaping benefits from training with heavy weights and starting to put more compound movements in to their routines

I personally think CrossFit has been a huge factor in this in bringing olympic style lifts mainstream

But now, women are taking over and making huge changes in the gym thanks to their training regimes

Quick note: I know not all women are new to heavy weights but the trend has certainly changed from women too scared to pick up more than 2kg for squats just incase they get 'bulky'

For those of you who do not lift heavy here are 3 fantastic reasons why women should lift heavy weights

Increased Confidence and Belief

Nothing beats being able to test yourself and stand under a bar ready for squats or being able to set yourself up to lift your heavy deadlift set

And not to forget being able to complete your first pull up

The confidence you get and belief in your own ability is incredible when it comes to lifting weights

And the amazing thing is that it continues to grow

Each step of your training is a challenge so whether you have been lifting for 2 weeks or 20 years, the challenge is still there

Personal Development

The saying 'There is no growth in comfort' rungs true when it comes to lifting weights

Similar to building confidence, having to squat your 'heaviest weight yet' or being able to complete more repetitions that your previous week is huge growth

The personal belief you must have in yourself to be able to step outside your comfort zone and test yourself in the gym with weights is huge

And just as your lifts grow, so does your confidence and personal development

The Fastest Way To Make Body Shape Changes

When I first started working in the fitness industry in 1998 (WOW!!) women wanted the 'yoga' look

Thin, shapely arms with a flat stomach 

Now the demand is more

Women just don't want to fit in to a pair of jeans, dress or skirt

They demand to fit in the with SHAPE

And the way to truly change the shape of your body is to force muscle growth

Which is why weights becoming so much more dominant in the way women train today

Glutes (bum), arms, back, shoulders, abs, legs.... the focus has changed and now women don't just want to be a certain weight or dress size

They want that but with shape

BONUS: Don't believe the rubbish you see online

I am all for instagram influencers but when you see them walking around with a band around their thighs telling you this is how they built their bum or body... its wrong

They were either

A: Naturally built that way

B: Lifted compound movements (squats, deadlifts, still leg deadlifts etc...) to help build the shape

The only real way for you to build and change your body shape is to lift heavy

Banded work has its place... but it is not in the growth phase that you want

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