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Weight Loss Success Stories - The Truth

Sep 09, 2019

Have you ever wondered how so many people seem to be able to lose weight and keep it off, but you struggle?

Like a yo-yo your weight is up and down and there never seems to be any long-term results

So why is it that some people just seem to be able to lose weight?

Why are there so many success stories where people have made unbelievable changes… but you struggle to lose and keep 1 stone off?

Here is the truth About Weight Loss

It is not your fault

It is not your fault that you look at all these amazing transformations in amazement (and maybe with a slight bit of jealousy)

It is not your fault that you may even say ‘It Is Easy for Them’

A before and after photo may not tell the whole story…

Most of the population will struggle when it comes to losing weight

Most of the population will be up and down with their weight (but some will eventually get to their goal)

Most of the population struggle to keep to their new regime and only follow it about 80% of the...

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How To Lose 14lbs (1 Stone) In Just 30 Days

Sep 06, 2019

Imagine if in the next 30-days you managed to lose 1 stone, or 14lbs

How would that make you feel?

It is a huge commitment to making quick, sustainable changes to your lifestyle, exercise and diet regime

But one that is not impossible and in such a short space of time can give you amazing results

Quick note: You have to be realistic with the 30-days 1 stone challenge and actually have a stone to lose… if you just want to ‘lose as much weight as possible’ without needing to lose that amount then this isn’t for you

Obviously, the more weight you have to lose means that getting to the 1 stone in 30-days target will seem a lot more likely but with some small tweaks and a lot of dedication then losing 1 stone in 30-days is achievable for most people

Before We Start: I am not a Doctor, nor am I prescribing you a ‘diet’ program to follow. I am simply giving you advice based on my experience of working with clients on how I can get them to lose 1 stone...

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How To Lose 1 Stone In 30 Days | Gym Reb3l

Sep 06, 2019

Lose 1 stone in 30-days

How would you feel in just 30-days you could lose 1 stone?

And by following a proven nutritional plan and workout program these results were guaranteed

And to back up that guarantee you will get a full refund if you don’t

That is what we are offering at Gym Reb3l

And our personal trainers are ready to take you through a 30-Day Transformation Program that guarantees these results

To Qualify for The Lose 1 Stone In 30-Days Program

You Must Be Able To:

  1. Commit To 3 Personal Training Sessions Per Week
  2. Commit to Following A Proven Nutritional Plan
  3. Commit To 2x 30-Minute Home Based Workouts Per Week
  4. Commit to Our Weekly Accountability Program

If you are ready to step up and get the results you want, then simply click the button below and register your details for the program

One of our personal trainers will call you within 12hr to take you through the program and when you feel ready, will get you signed up to the program

What the Lose 1 Stone In 30 Days...

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Healthy Eating Liverpool: 7 FREE Recipes To Try

Aug 13, 2019

For so many people trying to ‘eat healthy’ and keeping to their food plan can become a chore and is the main reason why most people fail

The thought of tucking in to another salad bowl or soup mix can be enough to make even the most hardcore dieter shy away from what is their main goal

At Gym Reb3l we understand the frustrations and concerns that following a food plan that is bland and lacks flavour can cause

We Have Over 100 Recipes For Members To Download

Which is why we give our members access to over 100 recipes (including vegan) to ensure they never get bored of their new plan and always have a huge selection of choice

If you are someone who loves to eat out and you are struggling to find healthy places to eat and healthy takeaways… we have that covered too

If you live in Liverpool and you are looking for healthy restaurants or healthy places to eat in Liverpool, then we have you covered

We have a complete guide for our members on eating out and making the...

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8-Week Boot Camp Liverpool

Mar 16, 2019


Imagine this…

For the next 8-weeks you are going to be working with a personal trainer

You are going to be following dedicated workouts that will help to tone, strength and shape the body

You will have access to a personalised nutritional plan that fits around your lifestyle, likes and commitments that allows you to lose weight and tone up

But most importantly the nutritional plan teaches you how to keep the weight off

And then… you will also be training with like-minded women who are all wanting to improve their health and fitness

If you wanted the perfect environment to lose weight and get in shape

Then the Gym Reb3l 8-Week Transformation Camp is the right choice


Why Should You Join Gym Reb3l Boot Camp Program?

For most people working out and dieting becomes a chore because they are making the same mistakes over and over again

For you to get long term weight loss...

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Should You Hire A Personal Trainer

Mar 11, 2019

Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

Before I answer the main question let me answer another common question people have when they are deciding on whether to hire a personal trainer


What Do Personal Trainers Do?

A lot of people are of the belief that they do not need a personal trainer and everything they want to do is available online

And… in some cases they may be right 

If You Have;

  • No Previous Injuries
  • No Current Injuries
  • No Food Related Issues/Intolerance
  • Perfect Muscle Balance (no risk of injury)

 And You Can Also;

  • Devise A Program Specific To You
  • Monitor A Program Weekly
  • Progress A Program
  • Make Adaptions Where Necessary To Keep You On track
  • Know What To Do If You Slip Up or Make Mistake

Then no…

You do not need a personal trainer

See, a personal trainer is more than just ‘Chicken and Broccoli’ recipes

Every step of your journey they are able to assess and monitor what you are doing and put a plan in place that allows you to get to the...

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