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Join The Program That Has Helped These Women Transform Their Body, Health and Confidence

Weight Loss Strategy Session

Value £45

Before joining the 6-Week Transformation Challenge we will take you through consultation where we will map out a workout and nutritional plan, specific to you for the next 6-weeks

We will also go through any support or help you need to get the most out of the 6-Week Challenge

18, Personal Training Sessions

Value £450

Working with your own personal trainer you will follow a workout plan that is specific to you and is tracked within our own APP

In our semi private personal training sessions you will be working with up to 5 other women

Weekly Client Check-Ins

Value £40

We monitor and track your progress each week to ensure you are on track for the results you want

Your results are tracked within our APP so you can check in and see your progress throughout the 6-week program


Nutritional Plans & Coaching

Value £60

A huge part of the success of your transformation is down to your food and the nutritional coaching we have

We build easy to follow plans that are built around you and your habits to give you the success the you want from the program

(P.S: No calorie counting either)


12 Conditioning Classes

Value £180

2 sessions a week on your 6-week challenge are dedicated to conditioning work and this is completed in the form of boxing (bag work) and HIIT based cardio

Boxing and HIIT is one of the best ways to maximise your calories burnt during exercise


Amazing Community

We have an amazing community of like minded women who are all wanting to improve their health and fitness

And the support from our members and community is a huge factor in our success

We are not a commercial or 'Instagram gym' and our focus is on making our members feel comfortable and confident in using the gym






100% Money Back Guarantee

Our 6-Week Transformation Challenge is fully backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Once you have completed the 6 week challenge and the booked sessions

If you do not see any results we will give you a full refund... no questions asked

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