8-Week Transformation Boot Camp

Are you Ready To Make The Biggest Fitness and Weight Loss Changes In The Next 8-Weeks?


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Location: Sefton Park (Opposite The Hallmark Hotel)
Start Date: Monday 9th September
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Times: 6:30pm - 7:15pm

Cost: £200

8-Week Body Transformation Boot Camp


Imagine working under the guidance of a personal trainer 

Having a detailed food plan to follow

Following a structured 8-week workout program that takes you from your current level of fitness, to one you could only wish was possible

At Gym Reb3l Boot Camp in Liverpool you have this

You have all of this plus the support of other members of the boot camp all desperate to improve their health and fitness and follow a plan that is proven time and time again to work

Gym Reb3l's women’s only boot camp in Liverpool gives you the chance to train for 8-weeks and get all of this


Nutritional Plans

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Structured Workouts

Use this text to describe your feature in detail. Visitors enjoy reading well written, descriptive copy about specific features of your product.

All Levels Welcome

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Time To Invest In You!

Over The Next 8-Weeks You Are Going To Be Under The Guidance of a Gym Reb3l Coach Who Will Guide You Every Step of The Way To Unbelievable Results

This Isn’t a Military Boot Camp

If you are looking for a boot camp where we scream, shout and ‘beast’ you through your workout then this isn’t for you

We are not like that

The Gym Reb3l Transformation Boot Camp is for women who want to follow structured workouts

Where all levels of ability are welcome, and you are monitored and assessed each week

No workout is guessed

It is all fully structured and planned so by the end of the 8-weeks you have made the biggest transformation possible in not only weight loss but also in your fitness

During the boot camp you will also undertake a personal fitness assessment on weeks 1, 4 and 8

The purpose of this assessment is to show you how much you have improved in your fitness and strength in such a short space of time

By following the workouts and the completing the assessment you will see that this is so much more than your average boot camp, but one that shows you exactly how far you have come in terms of fitness and strength improvements as well as the weight loss you want

Weight loss boot camps, slimming boot camp… whatever you want to call it

It is up to you

But what you can be assured is that with the Gym Reb3l 8-Week Transformation Boot Camp program you will have the best weight loss and fitness results possible in such a short space of time

And the tools to continue your journey after the boot camp has finished

Imagine What You Can Achieve

Can You Imagine The Results of Working With A Personal Trainer and Following a Detailed Nutritional Plan and Structured Workout...

Frequently Asked Questions

Our boot camps are limited number meaning we account for every new member

With this in mind you cannot transfer your boot camp to another location once you have purchased the program

Once you have purchased your boot camp package you are instantly sent the nutritional downloads and given access to our members area

With this in mind and the quality of the information you are given we are unable to give refunds once you have purchased the boot camp package

The only reason we allow for a delay in you start the program and moving to another date is for a medical reason

If you do suffer any serious injury or illness before the start of the camp then please forward a Doctors note with details of the injury/illness and the time frame you will be unavailable for

We will then (if necessary) move you package to the next camp start date at your chosen location

Not At All...

It is why our boot camps are so successful

With the way the workouts are structured we cater for all levels of ability

So it doesn't matter if you can do 1 press up or 100... run 100m or 1 mile... you will get the maximum benefit of the workouts under the guidance of your personal trainer

Rain, Wind, Snow and Sunshine

Your boot camp will always be on

So please keep this in mind when turning up to a boot camp

Wear adaquete running shoes as well as gym clothing such as tracksuit bottoms/pants and always bring a hoodie or jacket for when you are warming up

Please also bring some water (1 litre recommended) and you may want to bring a gym mat to lie on as you will be working out on the grass

In raining conditions some members will also bring a towel to wipe themselves down before getting in the car

Boot Camp Location Opportunities

Gym Reb3l Boot Camps is a new concept that is expanding across Liverpool

If you are a personal trainer reading this and want to enquire about becoming a Gym Reb3l boot camp instructor, the please CLICK HERE

But if you are looking for a boot camp in Liverpool then please see our locations list below

This is a growing part of the Gym Reb3l business and we are always looking for locations and suggestions for new boot camps in Liverpool so please get in touch and let us know if you are looking for a boot camp near you



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